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Over and Out

July 6, 2017

Wow, this is a tough post to write, and if I’m honest, one I’ve been putting off for some time.

I think it’s time to call it a day here at My Make Do and Mend Life.
It feels like I have moved on to new things, and I am excruciatingly aware that I am not one of those people who is able to do lots of different things all at the same time. Or at least, not able to do all of them well.
Since launching my ethical coaching business earlier on this year, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to create the time and the head space to write for this site.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hugely passionate about Making Do and Mending, and all things sustainable living – I can’t see that ever changing – but I only have so much time in the day, and only so much energy.

For the time being, my time and energy seem to naturally want to focus on my new business, and I had failed to remember quite how much of both it takes to get anything new online up and running and gaining traction!

So I just wanted to say a massive, massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you. For reading, for commenting, for tweeting and re-tweeting. For anyone who has come and heard me speak, or read any my articles in various publications. For being my cheerleaders, my community, and for keeping me going this long.

It’s been an absolute blast, and a truly life-changing experience.
I could never have imagined being where I am now five years ago when I first had the idea for a year buying nothing new.
It has led me on an amazing adventure that saw me step right out of my comfort zone into social media land, public speaking, radio and TV appearances, and writing.
And best of all it led me to you guys, and to the brilliant community that we have created over in the A Make Do and Mend Life Facebook group (which isn’t going anywhere for now!).

So thank you again for all your support and encouragement.
I will miss you all, but I hope you will keep in touch, and follow me on my new adventure on my new site.

So for now at least, over and out.


PS. You can also keep in touch the following ways:
My Monday Motivation e-mail
The Making Good podcast
– My new You Tube channel (slightly scared face emoticon!)


The Power of Blogging

May 14, 2017

Some of you will no doubt be aware that in the last week I have launched my first coaching ‘product’. It’s a 10 day live group coaching programme, called the Get Blogging Bootcamp.

I’ve been pushing myself way out of my comfort zone getting this out there – I am the most unsales-y person imaginable. The whole thought of trying to sell something to someone makes me feel hugely uncomfortable and makes my stomach go all churny. Not good.
BUT I’ve been pushing myself to do this, and to promote this course because I really believe in the power of blogging, and I want to be able to help as many people as possible to get their stories and their messages out there.
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General ramblings

I’m back!

May 3, 2017

Hello hello!
HUGE apologies for total lack of posts for the whole of April – I had grand plans of a whole series of posts around clothes and fast fashion, and stuff around Fashion Revolution Week etc etc, but just ran out of time and energy.
So why so quiet?
Well….I’ve been working away on something new, and I’m learning that I seem to have an inability to focus on more than one thing at a time. It turns out I’m either ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ and find it really hard to do a ‘bit of something’, which I’m trying to see as a good thing, although it is frustrating me hugely.

I wanted to let you guys what I have been up to, firstly to explain my unplanned absence, and secondly, because some of you might be able to help me, and that would be very lovely indeed!
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