Mend It May – Mendfulness

May 25, 2016
Mendfulness FI

I first stumbled across the word ‘Mendfulness’ as a hashtag on Instagram, and was instantly intrigued by it. Tracking down a hashtag on Instagram is not the easiest thing to do, but eventually I found the source: New York based artist, writer and crafter Katrina Rodabaugh. She wrote about Mendfulness on her blog:

We can be mindful. We can be mendful. We can do our very best to leave this fragile planet a little bit better than how we inherited it.

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Mend It May – How To…Sashiko

May 23, 2016
How To Sashiko FI

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese form of decorative reinforcement stitching, that literally translates as “little stabs”.
It has been used to reinforce areas of wear, and to repair tears for hundreds of years, and is currently making something of a comeback. ‘Modern menders’ such as  Katrina Rodabaugh (read my interview with her here) have championed the technique and showcase the repair and how it can be used to make mending a feature, and a thing of beauty.

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Mend It May – Interview with Katrina Rodabaugh

May 20, 2016
Katrain Rodabaugh interview FI

Today I’m so excited to have an interview with Katrina Rodabaugh – New York based artist, writer, and crafter.
I stumbled across Katrina’s work on Instagram, when I went chasing after a hashtag that intrigued me. That hashtag was #mendfulness, and I eventually managed to track it down to Katrina and her this post on her site.  It’s such a wonderful concept and one that I will let Katrina explain during the course of the ‘interview’.
I hope you enjoy!

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