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5 Reasons to Screw Black Friday

November 26, 2015
Screw Black Friday

So Black Friday is almost up on us again.
The craze that started in the USA and has spread over here in the last few years: a frenzy of consumer craziness where retailers go all out to slash their prices and entice you to buy buy buy.

The irony of Black Friday occurring in the USA the day after Thanksgiving is huge. The day after giving thanks, showing gratitude for all that you have, American consumers are sold the story that what they have is not quite enough after all. Maybe they could be more grateful, if they had more stuff? And what they really need, is a massive shiny new TV, or the latest computer game, or a pair of shoes, or, or,….

Is it going too far to say that for me, Black Friday epitomises all that is wrong with our modern ‘developed’ consumer driven society?
Here’s 5 reasons why we should all say “Screw Black Friday”

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No Clothes Challenge!, Really Useful-Mending

How to Patch 5 Ways

November 24, 2015
How to patch 5 ways

Both of my pairs of jeans currently have holes in them, and given that I am nearly 3 months into my new challenge, to buy no new clothes (new or secondhand) for a year, I need to get patching…
I’ve been doing some research into different techniques (procrastinating? Me?!) and thought a round-up might be useful to share.

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Latest News and Events

#Secondhandfirst Week with TRAID

November 23, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 19.04.20

Starting today (23rd) and running until the 29th November, TRAID are celebrating the power of secondhand to change the world, with #secondhandfirst week.
TRAID is a charity dedicated to re-using unwanted clothes and textiles with the key aim of encouraging people to commit to wearing and sourcing more of their clothes (and other resources) secondhand, rather than buy new.

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Stir Up Sunday 2015

November 21, 2015
Christmas Pudding

Stir Up Sunday is the last Sunday of Advent and is the traditional day for making your Christmas puds.
And it’s TOMORROW (Sunday 22nd Nov)!

For those of you who have been like me, and merrily ignoring all things Christmas, this is the wake up call that it is approaching at speed, and might actually be time to start to Get Organised.
I spent a quiet half hour this morning with a cup of tea, writing a list for all things Christmas, starting with the ingredients for the Christmas pud and cake.

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Clothes, Really Useful-Buy Nothing New, Really Useful-Making, Really Useful-Making Do

Top 5 Sources of Secondhand Fabric

November 20, 2015
BI-2ndhand fabric

Sewing your own might seem the ‘greener’ option, but fabric production is a pretty resource and labour intensive business.
Growing cotton uses vast amounts of water and pesticides, and has a heavy environmental impact.

An easy way to still sew your own, but lessen your ‘sewing footprint’ is to source your fabric secondhand.

Here’s my Top 5 places to find secondhand fabric.

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