Mend It May-Why Mend #2

May 4, 2016
Why Mend 2 - Landfill

Today is the second in the Mend It May mini series exploring “Why Mend?” (you can find the first one here) and today it’s all about landfill…!

It’s a bit of no-brainer really, but one of the most important reasons for mending things is to keep them out of landfill.
Every year, in the UK we send about 350,000 tonnes of clothes (worth about £140 million) to landfill, and we generate over 1.5 million tonnes of e-waste (electronic waste) a year, which equates to about 20kg each *shocked face emoticon*.
Admittedly not all of these garments and products would have had a repairable problem, but I’m willing to bet that a significant majority of them would have been fixable and could have been kept in use with a simple mend or two.

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Mend It May-Sourcing Equipment

May 2, 2016
Mend It May-toolkit FI

Whilst it is usually possible to effect some kind of repair with limited technical equipment, the right piece of kit can make all the difference when it comes to mending.
Obviously, the tools you need will depend on the kinds of things you are trying to repair, but here’s a quick rundown of useful kit, and where to find it:
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Mend It May-Why Mend?

May 1, 2016
Why Mend FI

Welcome to Mend It May!
How on earth it is May already, I have no idea. But it is, and Mend It May officially launches today!
When I started thinking about content for Mend It May, it struck me that it might be useful to start the list with a post about why mending is important, and also why I’ve decided to launch a whole month long celebration and exploration of it.

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Mend It May-Instagram Photo Prompts

April 30, 2016
Mend It May-IG prompt FI

I keep seeing lots of fabby projects on Instagram, where a photo ‘prompt’ is posted once a day for a month, and everyone joins in, interprets the prompt in their own way and shares a picture.
I thought it might be a fun thing to do for Mend It May, so have spent the last week or so racking my brain to come up with 31 mending related prompts…

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