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Zero Waste (ish) Ice Lollies

July 22, 2016
Ice lollies-FI

We’ve been sweltering here in the UK for the last few days, which has kind of taken us all a little by surprise. We just aren’t set up for really hot weather here, and in true British fashion it has only taken half a day of heat for us all to start complaining it’s too hot!

In weather like this (and in fact in any kind of weather if you are a small person) ice lollies are pretty much compulsory to aid the cooling down process. And I do love an ice lolly, but my inner zero waste wannabe does wince each time one of the un-recyclable plastic film wrappers hits the bin.
So here’s my (almost) zero waste solution…
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For Eating

How to Bake Great Bread

July 14, 2016

I figured we have probably all had enough deep and meaningful for the time being at least, and wanted to share you with a solution for a very real life problem I have been struggling with: Bread!

When our eldest was tiny and first moving onto solids, I suddenly became hyper-aware of what was actually in our food. I started looking at the ingredients in the foods we were eating, focussing on the salt and sugar content as well as the preservatives, and our regular sliced loaf really didn’t score too well. (Homemade bread also has the advantage of being Zero Waste!)
I decided I wanted to learn to make my own, and have been baking bread pretty much every week for the last seven years. You would have thought that after all this time I would have had it nailed, but it’s only in the last month or so that I have been able to bake consistently good bread. My first attempts were the stereotypical leaden bricks, that we dutifully and heroically munched our way through. And it has since then been a steady improvement, but still very hit and miss.
Until now…

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General ramblings

Trying is better than not trying

July 12, 2016
Trying is better than not trying

I wrote yesterday about this feeling so many of us seem to have of never being enough, and more specifically about our percieved failings as ‘environmentalists’ (for want of a better word).
With issues like climate change, fast fashion, resource depletion, plastic pollution (to name but a few) it is easy to get overwhelmed.
If I actually allow myself to stop and think about about these issues, to really think about what kind of planet and future my kids will have, my heart starts to race, and I genuinely start to feel quite panicky. And guilty. And so, so incredibly sad.

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