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Our Energy Saving Journey

July 23, 2015
Energy saving FI

It’s the Summer Holidays, which fill me with a mixture of anticipation and mild dread. 
Trying to squeeze in blogging and all things Make Do and Mend-able at the same time as trying to entertain and referee two small boys is a challenge.
So here is lovely hubby to the rescue with couple of posts to keep the blog wheels turning..!

This first one is one he wrote for me a little while ago, all about a couple of pretty awesome gadgets we’ve installed to help us on our quest to use less energy.
Over to hubby:

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Clothes, Making

#mmaw June-FAIL!!

July 20, 2015
mmaw 4

I was feeling so smug in May having caught up with my #mmaw2015 Challenge (a challenge to make one item of clothing a month for the year-you can read more here if you’ve no idea what the dickens I’m on about..!)

And now it’s mid July and I’ve done no more more sewing :(
And I’m behind again!

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General ramblings

#making it better-Incredible Edible and The Secret Garden

July 16, 2015
Incredible Edible RS

I’m coming to the end of my mini-series inspired by my weekend at the Big Lunch Extras Swindon Roadshow, and today it’s all about community gardens and gardening!

The people of Swindon are lucky enough to not only have an active Incredible Edibles project running across the town, and also an amazing Community Garden, in the form of The Secret Garden.

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#makingitbetter-Foragers Farm

July 13, 2015
Foragers Farm

I had a little break over the weekend, but am back with yet more inspiration for all things community and sustainability and general fabulousness, inspired by the Big Lunch Extra’s Swindon Roadshow.

We were lucky enough to have a mini workshop/presentation from Gary at Foragers Farm all about permaculture.
Now the word permaculture kind of freaks me out a bit.
I see quite a few adverts for permaculture courses and diplomas, and I kind of thought that if something needs a diploma to teach you all you need to know, then it must be pretty complicated.
But it’s not!
If you Google “What is permaculture?”, you get a long list of pretty baffling definitions. Gary gave a really simple one that I can’t remember exactly, but it was something like “living lightly on the earth”. And in my Googling, I came up with this one which I like too: “Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against, nature”.
So not really so scary after all!
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