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First anniversary ‘present’

This weekend sees my brother and his lovely wife celebrate their very first wedding anniversary!

Tradition dictates that this is the ‘Paper’ wedding anniversary, so I put my thinking cap on and consulted the kind people of Facebook land, and sent out a tweet for help.

There were some fab ideas, including framing wedding/honeymoon pictures, paper flowers, and handmade paper, which I have stashed away for another day. But this being me, and it being very last minute, I needed quick and simple. So this is what I came up with:

A card decorated with 2 hearts cut from a vintage book (they are both big readers), sewn in place with a button. (Apologies for the shadowy photo, it was late, I was tired, I couldn’t possibly wait until morning to take a better photo…)

And this is what I put inside:

I found an old monopoly set in a charity shop, and snapped it up as I have seen loads of cool things to make with all the bits on Pinterest (where else?!) so I thought that some monopoly money might make them smile. And they could always frame it (the card or the money!) if they want to afterwards.

So I know it’s not really a present, but I hope that it’s the thought that counts, and I certainly put more thought and time into this, than I might otherwise have done if I’d ordered something online.

Happy Anniversary Big Bro!

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