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More car booty!

My faith is restored! We ventured out this weekend to the local car boot, and came back with box fulls of stuff (hardly any of which we had gone to get, but hey).

It was cold and drizzling, and the clock’s had just gone back, and the Smalls had decided to come too, so my hope weren’t high, BUT this is what we found:

  • 3 big boxes full of children’s books from the ’70s and ’80s for £6.50! There are too many to show you all of them, suffice it to say it was a bit like Christmas when we got back home and had a good old root through. Here are some of my favourites

I love books like this! going to have a look through and find some bits to make with the Smalls

A load of ladybird books

Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree

Hands up who remembers Jamie and The Magic Torch!

Smurfs Annual

  • Paddington Bear

And finally, The Wombles!

  • a melamine Lightning McQueen bowl-SmallSmall keeps dropping our melamine bowls on the tiled kitchen floor, and we were down to our last one
  • this fantastic coat for £12.

I love it. I had seen loads and loads of fur and fur type coats at the Vintage Fair the previous day, but returned without one, so I was delighted to find this, and it fitted! And it’s not real fur, so I don’t need to feel guilty! Hubby has warned against wearing this whilst carrying SmallSmall around though, for fears the shoulders will end up a little matted (with snot. Nice.)

  • A big ‘Red’ the fire engine from Lightning McQueen, which has been secreted away for Christmas
  • A Bertie from Thomas the Tank Engine-BigSmall had been very patient trailing around after me, so I said he could pick a car. He spied this tucked away in the corner of a box under a table, and it was just 10p! Smiles all round!
  • A bed pan for £2.50-I want to plant this up with succulents or something to have in the garden. We stopped off at my mother in laws later in the day, and she likes to clean things, so she took it off me, but did then report some ‘questionable’ stains inside (well, I suppose it was a  bedpan..)
  • Some wellies for BigSMall. This is kind of what we went to look for. These are too big, but I figured that they can go up in the loft until his feet grow, and given the difficulty we are currently having with finding wellies, it seemed wise to snap them up for the future.

So there we go. A lot of stuff we didn’t know we wanted, and not much of the stuff we did want, but I’m happy!

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  • Reply Jo aka Kiwijo October 31, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    Wow, what a haul! Ive seen some Ladybird books go for some decent money on ebay (depending on how rare they are). Well done for giving some ‘vintage’ books a new lease of life. The coat looks fab as well. Excellent stuff. :o)

    • Reply Jen November 1, 2012 at 7:48 am

      Thanks Jo!

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