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A Fixathon (Hurrah!)

January 17, 2014
Day 7

Since Christmas, we (well actually mostly hubby, if I’m honest..) have been on a bit of a fix-a-thon. On the quiet.
It kind of crept up on me, and before I knew it, we (hubby) had fixed an impressive number of things 🙂

1) A few days before Christmas, the dishwasher started making avery ominous noise-a kind of grindy, I’m about to explode noise.
Hubby did a very un-hubby like thing and Consulted the Manual…
And then duly cleaned out some kind of pump/outlet thingy, and found a suspect stone (I have NO idea how a stone ends up in the dishwasher-Small people?!) after a rinse through on hot with some vinegar-all sorted.
HUURAH! Saved from the prospect of a Christmas doing mountains of washing up.

2) A week or so later, the washing machine started doing the very same thing. Full of confidence, hubby again Consulted the Manual (only this time it was the washing machine manual, obviously) and did some kind of clearing out  of a pipe. We did the hot wash vinegar thing again and hey presto-all sorted-HURRAH!

3) Not long into the New Year, the microwave decided it was it’s turn to start playing up and began just coming on whenever the door was shut, but it wasn’t actually heating things up.
I consulted a couple of people on Twitter, but was told to steer clear of attempting a repair due to the high voltage nature of microwaves. Undeterred, hubby did a spot of Googling and found out that sometimes the fuse can go in the “magnetron” and that this can be replaced, so he set to taking the top off. Only to find that he needed a special screwdriver, which he bought back from work one night. Only to find it wasn’t the right special screwdriver and had to borrow one from someone else. Anyway, long, potentially dull story short-a lever had come loose that attached to the door handle internally-he popped this back on and THRICE HURRAH! It worked 🙂

Day 7

4) I have done my first ever attempt at darning.

Day 6

I am a little ashamed that I completed a Make Do and Mend Year without attempting darning, but in my defence, it was a pretty busy year…
These are a pair of Joules socks, that my mum bought for BigSmall for his birthday, and he has only been wearing for a few months. I was really disappointed that they wore through so quickly as I suspect they were not cheap.
Anyway-not the most delicate of darning, and certainly another one for the ‘visible mending’ pile, but the hole is gone (for now) HURRAH!

5) I have also attempted a couple of Sugru repairs-one which has worked (HURRAH!)-on a Playmobil helicopter blade (although this has not been tested yet by the Smalls…) and one which didn’t-on a plastic hinge thingy on a clothes drier.

All in all-pretty good going!
I commented to hubby that I don’t think *we* would have even attempted fixing the microwave pre-My Make Do and Mend Year, which he disputed, but it has certainly made us stop and think twice before just mindlessly replacing things that are broken.
Anyone else done any mending or fixing?
If you did, you will, I am sure, be relieved to know that you are “on trend” for 2014-The Guardian ran a great piece last week all about fixing things, with some pretty handy tips too-if you didn’t see it, here is the link.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 19.42.07


HURRAH for fixing 🙂

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