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Slow Cooker Fail!

July 17, 2014
Slow cooker jam2

In last week’s #makedoandmendhour, there was a thread all about alternative jam making methods, including using a slow cooker. I was intrigued by this, and ran off to Google it. And found some recipes for slow cooker strawberry jam.
Now, I wanted to make gooseberry jam, as the gooseberry bush from mum and dad’s old allotment is now in pride of place in our front garden. But I was undeterred at not being able to find a specific recipe, and just followed the recipe that I used last year, but chucked it all in the slow cooker instead…

I put it all in about 12.30pm. Turned the heat to low, while the jam dissolved and waited with much excitement.
And waited.
Slow cooker jam2About 3 hours later, the sugar had finally dissolved, and I turned the heat up to HIGH, and waited.
And waited.
Slow cooker jam3
About 9pm, it was still looking like very runny gooseberry compote, and I was a bit worried about leaving it  on all night.
So I turned it off, and went to bed.

In the morning, the jam fairies hadn’t been in, and it was still looking very un-jam like.
So I gave up, and decanted it all into the preserving pan, turned on the heat. And waited.
Slow cooker jam5

After about an hour of a ‘rolling boil’ and then juice of 2 lemons later, it finally started to wrinkle!

Slow cooker jam9

So a fail for the slow cooker, but at least I managed to rescue it, and got 7 jars of yummy gooseberry jam.

Anyone else had any success with Slow Cooker Jam?


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