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The #100DayProject

I saw this from The Great Discontent on Facebook last week, and thought “Oh wow, that sounds great” and then promptly forgot about it!
But I’ve just seen it again, and read some more about it, and I’m all signed up.

Except for one thing.
I still haven’t decided what to do yet!

The idea is that you do 100 days of making.
Making anything you like: try 100 recipes; write 100 pages of a book; write 100 poems; volunteer 100 hours; learn 100 new things; take 100 photos…
And it’s all about the process. About showing up and just doing it. Every day for 100 days.

My first instinct is to want to crochet 100 Granny Squares. Which would be cool. But I think given my current levels of addiction for all things Granny Square (they need capitals, they are So Important to me at the moment…!) that I would probably do this anyway.
I feel like I should do something ‘extra’. Something that pushes me out of my comfort zone slightly. But at the same time is achievable.
I want to start a podcast series over on the main blog, interviewing the Movers and Shakers of the Make Do and Mend world. But I think that to try and do 100 in 100 days would be crazy (or would it…?!)
Maybe I could try 100 written interviews?
Or could I sew something (anything, not a whole dress etc!) for 100 days? Or would I end up rushing things and resenting sewing, which is totally not the aim?
Maybe I could write 100 pages of my next e-book..?!
Or 100 new blog posts?

Anyway, I thought is was the kind of thing that would appeal to everyone here.
It all starts on 6th April (Easter Monday), so if you’re wanting to join in, you’ll need to join me in getting our thinking caps on over the weekend!

If you’re joining in, do let me know, and leave your Instagram name (you’re encouraged to post your makes to Instagram) so we can all follow each others progress! I’m @makedoandmend-able.
Oh, and let us know what you are going to be doing-it might help inspire those of us who can’t decide…


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