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New Look Blog!

The blog has had a makeover!

When I launched the new site, I always intended to keep this blog up and running as a way of documenting our own personal Make Do and Mend journey, and the things that we were doing as a family to consume more consciously, and save the planet (no pressure…).
But I had all kinds of issues with getting it how I wanted to on the new site, and I lost my e-mail subscription thing, which meant that those of you who had signed up to get posts via e-mail, weren’t getting them. And you complained in your hundreds. OK, two people mentioned it in passing.

So I decided to revert this blog to good ole’ WordPress, BUT I’ve gone ‘self-hosting’, and moved all the content over to the shiny new site.
It has been mildly stressful, largely due to my lack of any kind of technical know-how, but it’s done!

And as ever, when pushed out of my comfort zone, I have learned some stuff, so it’s all good.

What I’ve learned:

  • Moving from to is not nearly as complicated as you think it will be
    Check out this post here, or here, or if you are feeling flush, you can pay WordPress $129 and they will do it for you
  • If none of your content comes over, DON’T PANIC!!
    Contact WordPress in their support forums, and they will help you
  • If you are too impatient to wait for them to help you, and decide to stump up the cash for the guided transfer, but then figure out how to do it, you can cancel your guided transfer with less than 12hrs notice and they will give you a no quibble refund. I know, I did this.
  • The WordPress help people are lovely and helpful, and will even help you transfer your blog followers/subscription list over
  • Your hosting people may be less helpful…
  • You can lost about 20 posts, but have no idea where from, and actually not really care that much, because the other 700 came over, with the pictures and comments
  • There is a LOT of choice for WordPress themes, and you can lose days of your life searching through them, and still not end up with one that looks and works 100% the way you want it to
  • Fannying about with themes and customising them, is frustrating and time consuming, and the biggest inhibitor to actually getting on and blogging. It was much easier when I started the blog way back when, picked the first free theme I found, and just got going
  • Blogging is a bit like planning a wedding. I have agonised over every last little detail, and widget and colour scheme, when actually, I am probably the only one who will notice these things
  • As soon as you’ve settled on a theme, you will see a website, and prefer the look of that

It’s here.
It’s not perfect, but I have a lot of posts I want to share, and I need to get re-started, and stop faffing. Done is better than perfect. Sometimes.

I hope you like it….

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