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Gumtree Upcycle Revolution Challenge!

June 11, 2015

Have you heard about the Upcycle Revolution Challenge yet?

The clever people at Gumtree have come up with this great idea to celebrate National Recycling Week (June 22nd-28th) and specifically National Upcycling Day (June 24th).

They have hand-picked a group of  “the Uk’s hottest upcycling and lifestyle bloggers” to take part in the Challenge, and I am super duper excited to say that I’ve been included in that exclusive group!

::So, what does the challenge involve?

Gumtree have given each of us £100 to buy an item from their site, and work our upcycling magic…
Then we’ve all been invited up to London for an evening of cocktails and upcycling, in the presence of upcycling afficionado Max McMurdo, who will judge each piece and declare a winner who will get £500 to donate to a charity of their choice.
And then we get to sell our item on Gumtree, and again, donate the money to charity.

::What is Gumtree?

If you haven’t heard of Gumtree, it is a great resource for Buying Nothing New (and they’ve also got a Swap Shop section-hurray!)
It’s like a national online version of the classified ads you get in your local paper.
I had never used Gumtree before, but the sign up process was easy peasy. Once you’re all registered, you can search by keywords, or categories, or location, or all three!
We managed to find something suitable pretty quickly, and the process of contacting the seller was painfree. It’s all done via e-mail, but Gumtree work some kind of magic so that your e-mail address is never revealed to anyone else, which is kind of neat.

::Who else is involved?

I don’t have a full list, but I’ve already seen on Twitter that some of my favourite bloggers are on board, like Vicky Myers, Chris from Eco Chic Interiors, and Gina from Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies. You can check out their posts, and see their ‘befores’ here, here and here!

::What’s in it for me? (Aka Full Disclosure!)

Nothing financial!
Gumtree gave us all £100 to buy the item and any supplies needed to upcycle it, but that’s it.
BUT I do get to go and meet up with a load of inspirational people whose blogs I read and many of whom have become online buddies-it will be awesome to meet them in the flesh!
And, I get to be a part of the Gumtree Guide of Upcycling, which is pretty exciting, and hopefully good publicity for Make Do and Mend-able.

::And after all that, what did I buy?

This is very much a joint project between my and lovely hubby, and I’m so grateful to him for jumping on board with such enthusiasm!
This was our starting point, a ‘multi-media cabinet’:

#upcyclerevolution1Here’s hubby hard at work:

#upcyclerevolution21And here’s a sneak peak of one of the colours…

In keeping with our Buy Nothing New ethos, we’ve possibly made the challenge slightly harder, in that I’ve been kind of adamant that we try to source everything we need to transform our find, secondhand.
And we’ve done pretty well:
We’ve used paint that we had kicking around in the garage (the turquoise is left over from painting our downstairs loo!)
Hubby was given some lino from a colleague at work, and we were very kindly gifted some perspex from our local Buy Nothing Group.

Has that given you any clues as to what we might be making…?!

Stay tuned for the Big Reveal…




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