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I need some help lovely people!
With not just one, but TWO things…!

1) It’s National Upcycling Day on Wednesday (more on this to come!)

BI-National Upcycling Day

and I have hooked up with Remade in Britain, and EcoCreate to come up with the Ultimate Guide to Upcycling.
It’s an A-Z of upcycling, with Remade in Britain showcasing all their upcycling retailers, EcoCreate are doing an A-Z of “Things you can upcycle”; and I’m doing an A-Z of Upcycling techniques and tools. I really want to include tutorials from the UK community of upcyclers, rather than whatever pops up from google search, so if you have any tutorials for upcycling techniques on your blogs, please do let me know so I can feature them!

2) The Pet Storage Solution aka the Rat Palace that we made for the Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution Challenge needs to be listed on Gumtree, and I have no idea what price to list it at!
Any ideas of where to start/what you think someone might be prepared to pay for a bespoke indoor pet cage?!

And here's a shot of it in all it's glory...

If you can help me out with either of these things, I would be soooo grateful!!

Have a fabulous week everyone 🙂

good thoughts-roald dahl

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