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365 Ways to Change the World

January 3, 2016

Yesterday I tweeted a link to my How to Change the World post, and someone replied with a link to a book called “365 Ways to Change the World”.
And the cogs started whirring….

It looks like an excellent book, and one that I will definitely be adding to my list of books I want to read this year, but it made me think about whether I had implemented 365 small changes into my life, over the last few years. And if I have, what they are. And whether I could share one a day over the course of 2016.
I thought it would be a really visual representation of the fact that change occurs through a series of baby steps. We don’t have to do change everything, all at once. It can be more of a slow burn, the steady drip, drip of change, the spreading of those ripples.

I started writing a list of all the things we now do differently, that we might not have done 3 years ago, that all add up to us living more sustainably.
Some of them are teeny tiny things, some of them are bigger things that require a bit more effort; some are really obvious, and some are more obscure.
But they are all do-able.
And they all create change.
It’s all about the baby steps, that add up together, and before you know it, you’ve travelled a long way.
It’s about quietly disrupting the status quo and gently shaking the world.

So far, I’ve got up to 183, which is a way off 365, but makes me think that it can be done.
Especially if it becomes a collaborative project, pooling the brains and expertise of this amazing community.
I’m up for a challenge, so I’m going to give it a go. I may regret it in a few months time (I seem to remember feeling quite relieved when my 100 Happy Days project finished…!) but I figure it will give me some structure and discipline when it comes to posting on Instagram!

As it’s the 3rd January already, I’m already behind, so I’ll post 3 pictures today to get back up to speed, and then hopefully settle into a daily routine.
I’ll be posting on Instagram (@makedoandmendlife), and then sharing the pictures to Twitter (@makeandmendyear) and Facebook. I’ve been trying to think of a catchy hashtag, but have failed miserably, so am going with the obvious #365waystochangetheworld.
Please do follow along, and share your ideas and pictures too, using the hashtag so I can find them. I’ll try and share some of my favourites along the way.

I’m swinging between excited, and scared, and daunted, back to excited again.
Come and join the revolution!

Change the World-P


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  • Reply Chris January 3, 2016 at 10:26 am

    365 ways to save the world is on the library catologue so I have reserved it. Looking forward to reading it for ideas

    • Reply Jen January 3, 2016 at 7:53 pm

      Brilliant! I keep thinking I will try and get hold of a copy, but now think I might be better waiting until the end of my own 365 days so that I’m not tempted to ‘borrow’ any ideas..!

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