#365WaystoChangetheWorld-Numbers 29-35

February 10, 2016

I’m a bit late with this round up post-apologies!
This is Week 5 of #365WaystoChangetheWorld 🙂


30-35 Numbered

29. This week’s guest post came from Eirlys Penn aka Scrapiana, Queen of Make Do and Mend, and founder of The Big Mend, a “mending sewcial” in Bath.

Start a mending group. Begin small. It might just be you and a friend or two. Set up a regular place (in a cafe, pub or in each other’s homes) and time (once a month works well for a couple of hours) and bring along your mending. Keep it simple in terms of tools and materials: needles, thread, darning yarn, pins, fabric scraps, scissors. If you’re not sure about techniques, you’ll find lots of inspiration out there – just search #patch or #darn. And you can support each other to grow your repair skills. But don’t get hung up on perfection – just give it a go. If your experience is anything like mine (and I’ve been running #theBigMend in Bath for 4 years now) people will really value the chance to be with like minds and develop a raft of new skills – and have a laugh too. If you want more tips on how to set up a repair group, get in touch.

30.  Get mending!
A few simple skills can make a big difference. Did you know the number 1 reason for clothing being discarded is that it’s missing a button? ????
The satisfaction of mending something and giving it a new lease of life is immense – give it a try!

31. Turn the charger off at the wall once your phone is fully charged. If you leave it on, it continues to draw electricity and is a big waste of energy.
You can get handy little gadgets (I think there is one called Save a Socket) that you plug in to the socket and then plug your charger into, that automatically switch off the power when your phone is charged-clever stuff!

32. Swill out the last little bits from your jars and bottles and use them up in soups or pasta sauces.
This has to be of the least Instagram-worthy pictures so far, but who said changing the world was going to be pretty…?!

33. Turn your thermostat down by just one degree (two if you’re feeling all kinds of crazy)
You won’t notice a difference and you’ll save 53.8%* on your heating bill
*may not be entirely accurate

34. Re-use your glass jars!
I covet jars and never consign any to the recycling bin. We fill them with jams and chutneys, and I use the bigger ones for yoghurt and also storing dry pasta and rice.
But don’t stop there-they make great storage for buttons and all manner of lovely bits n bobs. 
AND I’m reliably informed by those who know about these sort of things that jam jar cocktails and coffee mugs are the height of cool…

35. Hang onto your egg whites!
If you’ve been making cooking or baking and end up with a couple of spare egg whites, don’t chuck them. 
My new fave use for them is macaroons, but good old meringues are a winner too, and coconut macaroons(the big crumbly rustic ones) are super simple. 
If all else fails and you run out of time, pop them in the freezer to use at a later date

365-29-35 P

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