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How to make Halloween cookies when you don’t have Halloween cookie cutters

October 31, 2016

I’ve possibly missed the boat on this one and am posting this far too late to be of use for anyone this Halloween, but hey, half term is all I’m going to say.

BigSmall and I had a morning to ourselves at the weekend and decided to make some Halloween cookies. We don’t have any ghostly Halloween cutters or witches hats or anything similar, and I really didn’t want to have to buy any, so my initial idea was to make some cardboard templates to cut around. But before we got started on that, we decided to have one last look in the cookie cutter drawer, and once we started to think outside the box a little, we realised we had all kinds we could use:

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A Year of Cakes and Bakes – Malt Loaf

September 20, 2016

Here we go with recipe number two of my Year of Cakes and Bakes.
I had every intention of posting this on Friday so that anyone who fancied a spot of weekend baking could indulge and try this out. But I failed miserably and now it’s Tuesday already!

Anyway, this is a great bake and since I discovered the recipe I’ve been making a couple of these pretty much every week. It is great for an after school snack, or in lunchboxes and is delicious spread with butter. It’s also one of those bakes that just keeps getting better as it gets squishier and squishier if you can wait a day or two before tucking in.

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A Year of Cakes and Bakes

September 12, 2016

At the end of the summer term our school’s PTA ran an Auction of Promises as a fundraiser for some new laptops for the classrooms. It’s a really simple idea – we asked parents and families to donate a promise, so things like an evening’s babysitting, or mowing someone’s lawn for them, and then auction them off to the highest bidder. I’m co-Chair of the PTA so felt a little bit under pressure to come up with a really good promise to donate, and in the end decided to offer up a freshly baked cake or batch of biscuits every week for a year. I am possibly already regretting this slightly but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Zero Waste Recipes – Homemade Wraps

September 9, 2016

My boys LOVE having wraps for lunch.
And while they are quick and easy, and make for a painless lunch that I know will be eaten, there is something about shop bought wraps that just makes me feel a bit bleurgh. They don’t really taste of anything much, and just seem to act as a conduit for the filling. And they just look so kind of plastic-y. I’m sure they are probably full of all kinds of preservatives and chemicals to prolong their shelf life (although I will confess I haven’t actually checked). And then there’s the plastic bags that they come in (although I have to say that we keep hold of them and use them again and again for chucking stuff like rolls and biscuits into and freezing).

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Zero Waste Lunchbox Ideas

September 7, 2016

It’s Zero Waste Week and the kids are back at school. BigSmall is getting really big now and just going into Key Stage 2 (what we used to call Juniors back in the day!) which means that his free school meals are at an end, and we are facing the daily “what do we put in his lunchbox” dilemma.
Whilst there is a lot more choice for healthy (and not so healthy) lunchbox options than I remember when I was at school, they all seem to come wrapped in gaudy plastic. Even sticks of cheese come individually wrapped. What is all that about? And the plastic, as we all know is non recyclable and destined to just sit in landfill for the next few thousand millennia.

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