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Make Me A Wardrobe 2015

General ramblings, Make Me A Wardrobe 2015

#mmaw June-FAIL!!

July 20, 2015

I was feeling so smug in May having caught up with my #mmaw2015 Challenge (a challenge to make one item of clothing a month for the year-you can read more here if you’ve no idea what the dickens I’m on about..!)

And now it’s mid July and I’ve done no more more sewing 🙁
And I’m behind again!

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General ramblings, Make Me A Wardrobe 2015

My February #mmaw2015 make!

March 30, 2015

How is everyone getting on with their #mmaw2015 challenges?
The Pinterest board is filling up with some awesome makes, and I’ve seen some gorgeous ones in the Make Do and Mend-able Facebook group too.

I think you are all being far more prolific than me!
My January make was late, and I only managed to make it in February. So I guess it was kind of inevitable that my February make would be late too.
I now have 24hrs to try and make my March make so that I’ve finally caught up again…!

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