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Top 5 Sources of Secondhand Fabric

November 20, 2015

Sewing your own might seem the ‘greener’ option, but fabric production is a pretty resource and labour intensive business.
Growing cotton uses vast amounts of water and pesticides, and has a heavy environmental impact.

An easy way to still sew your own, but lessen your ‘sewing footprint’ is to source your fabric secondhand.

Here’s my Top 5 places to find secondhand fabric.

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My Granny Square Shrug!

May 22, 2015

It’s official.
I am addicted to Granny Square’s.
I cannot stop making them.
I think I love the unchallenging aspect of them. The fact that I don’t really have to think, and I can just keep on going, with half an eye on the latest box set, or while the kids are running around screaming at each other playing nicely.
I’ve made THREE cushion covers, a bag (I’ll blog this ASAP!), my granny square poncho, and some extra squares just ‘cos I can’t stop…

And now… Granny Square Shrug!

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