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Twelve Alternatives to Supermarkets

March 21, 2017

I was going to start this post by saying “there’s nothing wrong with supermarkets”, but that would be wrong. There is a lot wrong with supermarkets, but I guess what I want to say is that I accept that supermarkets are a part of most of our lives. They have done good things in terms of making good food cheaper, and they are the place that the vast majority of us will do our weekly shop.
And that’s ok.
But there are other ways to shop, that are built on more sustainable models that fit with our ethos of ‘slow food’, and that have a focus on people and planet as well as profit. Here are twelve of them:
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...Food and Recipes, One Planet Living, Sustainable Living

Ten Easy Ways to Eat Sustainably

March 15, 2017

Eating sustainably will mean different things to different people, and it’s such a complex topic that it can sometimes feel hard to even know where to start.
Here are 10 easy things we can all do to eat more sustainably.
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March 13, 2017

Food is a huge issue, and a hugely complex issue, and one that we won’t be able to deal with in just one short month during our One Planet Living year.
I haven’t posted anything else since my intro post to One Planet Food, because to be honest, I’ve been struggling to know where to start. I keep starting posts and then abandoning them as it all seems to get so complicated so quickly.
So I’ve decided to go back to basics and have been giving a lot of thought to what ‘sustainable food’ and sustainable eating might mean. Which brings me to SLOW.
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...Food and Recipes, One Planet Living, Sustainable Living

One Planet Food

March 4, 2017

Oh my goodness. If  I thought January whizzed by, then February feels like it has almost passed me by completely!
I had so many good intentions of all the brilliant posts I was going to write about One Planet Buying, but life got really busy, and I’m starting up something new (you can take a peek here if you fancy!), and I’m realising that I find it really hard to focus on more than one thing at once!
Anyway, I’m here, and I’m determined to carry on this theme of One Planet Living – I’ve had so many lovely comments and e-mails from people telling me how useful they are finding it to be able to break things down, and tackle things in a more structured way, so it feels like it’s making a difference. Which makes me very happy.

So… this month is all about Food.
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Five alternatives to the Black Friday madness

November 23, 2016

Is there anyone left who actually likes Black Friday?
I freely admit that my Twitter timeline is skewed hopelessly in favour of people who prefer to Make Do and Mend, and who take a much more thoughtful approach to consumerism, but it does seem to full of people fed up of Black Friday and all it stands for.
You may have guessed that I’m not a fan. For me, this one day epitomises all that is wrong with consumerism. It is the exact opposite of conscious consumption, and calls for mindless, thoughtless buying, tempting you to buy stuff you don’t need, just because it’s cheap.
It’s like the Donald Trump of consumption: bold, brash, promising things it can’t deliver, and screwing the planet all at the same time.

I wrote last year about Five Reasons to Screw Black Friday, just in case you are left in any doubt as to why it is a Bad Thing.
But this year, I wanted to showcase some Black Friday alternatives:
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