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11 reasons to join A Make Do and Mend Year

I have decided, perhaps a little belatedly, that 2018 is the year I am going to step up. I’m going to stop procrastinating, and being scared, and worrying. And I’m going to step into the knowledge and experience I have gained in sustainable living since our year buying nothing new in 2012.
It’s been an amazing journey, and I am so excited and encouraged to see so many people now also wanting to make positive changes in their lives that mean that they live more sustainably.
But I know that it’s not always easy.
I know it can feel lonely, and overwhelming, and confusing.

I’ve wanted for a long time now to be able to offer another level of support for those people who want a bit more than my big Make Do and Mend Life FB group can offer.
It’s an amazing place, and such an active and engaged community. It’s fabulous to see it grow, but it’s now got so big that it’s very hard for me to connect with everyone in there, and to provide that more personal support for those that need or want it.
Soooo, I’ve created a membership programme, called A Make Do and Mend Year, where I can do just that.
And here’s 11 reasons why you might want to join!

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12 Quick Sustainable Wins for the New Year!


How was your Christmas?
And how are you feeling about the prospect of a whole new shiny year ahead?

I’m excited to be gearing up for A Make Do and Mend Year and helping to support and resource as many people as possible to make smalls changes so that they live more sustainably.
But before we dive into that, here are 12 ‘quick wins’ that you can implement ASAP to get your sustainable 2018 started with a bang!

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Never say never…

You may remember that back in July of this year I made a decision to stop blogging and updating My Make Do and Mend Life.
I was starting up a business and it all just felt like too much – I had put so much time and energy into the blog, and into the community, but was feeling burnt out and in danger of starting to resent it.
So I took a break. I thought it would be forever, but my ‘why’ has been niggling away at me for the last few months.
I want to make a difference, and I want to help other people to create the change that they want to see.
I believe passionately that we can all make a difference, and that by making simple changes we can all start to live more lightly, and to reduce our impact on the planet.

So I’m back, and I have a plan…

  • A monthly blog post, each with a different sustainable living ‘theme’, and some suggestions for simple actions to take.
  • A monthly newsletter updating you on the month’s theme and how you can get involved (if you’re not on it and you’d like to be, my e-mail list here)
  • A downloadable Year Planner to help you to think about your goals and the changes you want to make in terms of sustainable living each month – you can get it right here.
  • My big “A Make Do and Mend Life” FB group will remain, and I’m sure will continue to grow – I have 3 new amazing co-admins/moderators to help me, and it will stay as long as people are finding
  • And I’m launching “A Make Do and Mend Year” – a year long membership community packed full of additional resources, monthly group video calls with me, video masterclasses with experts, regular Q&As, and a private FB group to connect with and support each other.


In between Christmas and the New Year in my A Make Do and Mend Year FB group, I’ll be sharing a “Quick Win” each day of the 12 days of Christmas of one quick, easy change you can make straightaway that will mean that by the New Year you are already living more sustainably – do come and join us!

I’m also going to run my first webinar (and I’m quite scared about this – don’t tell anyone…) all about a sustainable 2018.
If you’d be interested in watching this live, or getting hold of the replay, make sure you’re on my e-mail list so that I can let you know (+ you get the Make Do and Mend Year Planner to download too!).

I’ve missed blogging here, and sharing stuff with you guys, and I’m looking forwards to getting back on it, in a way that works for me, and that I really hope works for you too.

Have a wonderful Christmas when it gets here, and I’ll catch up with in the New Year.

Jen xx




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Over and Out

Wow, this is a tough post to write, and if I’m honest, one I’ve been putting off for some time.

I think it’s time to call it a day here at My Make Do and Mend Life.
It feels like I have moved on to new things, and I am excruciatingly aware that I am not one of those people who is able to do lots of different things all at the same time. Or at least, not able to do all of them well.
Since launching my ethical coaching business earlier on this year, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to create the time and the head space to write for this site.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hugely passionate about Making Do and Mending, and all things sustainable living – I can’t see that ever changing – but I only have so much time in the day, and only so much energy.

For the time being, my time and energy seem to naturally want to focus on my new business, and I had failed to remember quite how much of both it takes to get anything new online up and running and gaining traction!

So I just wanted to say a massive, massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you. For reading, for commenting, for tweeting and re-tweeting. For anyone who has come and heard me speak, or read any my articles in various publications. For being my cheerleaders, my community, and for keeping me going this long.

It’s been an absolute blast, and a truly life-changing experience.
I could never have imagined being where I am now five years ago when I first had the idea for a year buying nothing new.
It has led me on an amazing adventure that saw me step right out of my comfort zone into social media land, public speaking, radio and TV appearances, and writing.
And best of all it led me to you guys, and to the brilliant community that we have created over in the A Make Do and Mend Life Facebook group (which isn’t going anywhere for now!).

So thank you again for all your support and encouragement.
I will miss you all, but I hope you will keep in touch, and follow me on my new adventure on my new site.

So for now at least, over and out.


PS. You can also keep in touch the following ways:
My Monday Motivation e-mail
The Making Good podcast
– My new You Tube channel (slightly scared face emoticon!)