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Making Do – Food

January 18, 2017

Our first month on One Planet Living, our month of making do is in full swing, and it is so inspiring hearing all about the small steps that people in the Facebook group are taking every day, and all the inventive ways they are coming up to Make Do with the stuff they already have, I love it!

Lots of people have chosen this month to Make Do with the food they already have. So they have been shopping their cupboards, raiding their freezers, making inventories of all those forgotten tins and packets, and then coming up with meal plans that make best use of the food already in the house, before hitting the shops.
Some people are shopping less and eating up the stuff in the freezer, and others are just shopping for a very few staples each week (fresh milk, fruit and veg etc) and making up the rest from their store cupboards, and then there are others who are simply paying closer attention to their leftovers and pledging to cut out food waste.
However you choose to go about to go about it, making the most of our food is a really powerful and important thing to do.

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Blue Monday and Making Do

January 16, 2017

Today is Blue Monday. Apparently officially the most depressing day of the year.
I’ve just googled it, and it first became a ‘thing’ in 2005 when someone somewhere did a weird equation, but it’s basically something to do with the time of year, the fact that most of us by now will have given up on our New Year’s Resolutions, the fact that Christmas credit card bills are hitting the doormat, and it still feels like a very looooong time until the end of the month and pay day. Oh, and the weather. Always the weather, at least for us Brits.
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One Planet Living

Some Tips for Making Do

January 12, 2017

It’s been so inspiring seeing everyone’s posts in the Facebook community with their plans for Making Do this month, as part of the One Planet Living challenge.
I thought it might be handy to think about some broad, over-view tips for Making Do, and I’ve got another post planned which will include resources and links to useful websites etc.
As I said in my last post, a month of Making Do will mean different things to everyone. Some people are not buying anything at all, some people are resolving to use up all their food leftovers, and others are focussing on their craft stashes and committing to using up what they have before buying anything else.
Whatever your own aim is for the month, some general rules apply pretty much across the board.
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One Planet Living – Making Do

January 9, 2017

I know we are already part way through January, and if the statistics are anything to go by then some of us will have given up on our New Year’s Resolutions already! But today is the first official day of the January challenge for our year of One Planet Living, and it’s all about Making Do.
When I posted in the Facebook community to ask what people’s aspirations were for 2017, I was surprised by one of the most popular answers, which was to have year of ‘using things up’. Lots of people commented that this was their aim, and that they were going to be ‘making do’ with their crafting stashes, or making sure they used up all their food leftovers, or were even planning year buying nothing new. So I figured that this would be a good challenge to kick off with, and it kind of makes sense to do it at this time of year, when funds might be a little low post Christmas, and we are all super aware of some of the excesses in our lives post festivities and gift giving.
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One Planet Living

Setting Sustainable Goals

January 6, 2017

I’m so excited by the response so far to yesterday’s One Planet Living post, and the idea of a year focussing on living within the resource constraints of this beautiful planet!
Thank you so much to everyone who has commented, subscribed to the newsletter, or joined the Facebook group – this is shaping up to be a real community challenge.

I talked briefly yesterday about one of the problems with big goals, or big challenges like “living more sustainably” is that it is just too big. And it’s too vague. That’s why the concept of “One Planet Living” really appeals. It feels much more tangible. The goal itself is actually measurable – there are various footprint calculators available online (try this one here from WWF, or this one here from BioRegional, who also have a  whole brilliant section of their website devoted to One Planet Living) that you can use to give you a broad overview of how carbon/resource intensive your lifestyle is. I would encourage everyone to go and have a nose and to crunch the numbers, and would be really interested to hear what your results are.
However, the problem I have found is that I think I could spend a year making lots of little changes, that all add up to be pretty impactful in terms of my resource use and the amount of waste I produce, but that I could ‘take the test’ again this time next year and still get the same results. They are great for looking at the bigger picture, but less useful for really drilling down into the nitty gritty, the baby steps, that we can all take, that will really add up.
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