Sustainable Living

5 things…for a more sustainable home

Home is where the heart is as the saying goes.
And it’s also somewhere we can take lots of actions to ensure that our home aligns with our values, and helps us to create the kind of world we want for future generations.

There are lots of easy changes we can make to create a more sustainable home – from the amount and type of energy we use, water usage, and also sourcing the furniture and other things that go inside our houses.

Here are five to get you started!

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Podcast, Sustainable Living

Shopping Plastic Free without a local Zero Waste Shop

In this episode of the Sustainable Life podcast I’m chatting to Kim Tew, the founder of Plastic Free Pantry which is the UK’s first plastic free online food shop.

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Podcast, Sustainable Living

Plastic Free Living with the Zero Waste Chef

In this episode I’m SO excited to be chatting to Anne Marie Bonneau, aka the Zero Waste Chef.

Anne Marie shares the story of how she got started on her Zero Waste journey, and her top tips for cutting out single use plastic.

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Podcast, Sustainable Living

[005] – How to get started with A Sustainable Life

In this episode we look at what Sustainable Living even means, and how to get started when it might be feeling really overwhelming.

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Podcast, Sustainable Living

[004] – Community Gardening with Sara Venn from Incredible Edible Bristol

Before we start – a little heads up about the background noise on this one – Sara works in an incredibly hip co-working space surrounded by trendy millenials and moustache wax, who can be heard getting themselves a skinnydoubleshotdecaffavocado latte in the background..!

Sara Venn is one of the first people I thought of when I first had the idea for this podcast.
She is an absolute inspiration who founded Incredible Edible Bristol and transformed not just unloved spaces around the city, but people’s lives too.

Gardening can seem like an incredibly benign activity, and conjures up scenes of idyllic sunny days, and baskets brimming with homegrown fruit and veg.
But it can actually be a really powerful tool for bringing people, and communities together.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The secret to growing engaged and active online communities around the things that you care about
  • The power of social media to bring people together around a common cause
  • How Sara started her hugely popular #shoutyhalfhour twitter chat
  • The various ways that Sara is able to generate income for Incredible Edible Bristol
  • How to get started with your own Incredible Edible Project in your community

Useful Links:

Ron Finley’s TED talk

Pam Warhurst’s TED talk (founder of Incredible Edible)

Incredible Edible

Incredible Edible Bristol

The resources for starting school growing programmes that Sara mentions in the interview

Incredible Edible Bristol Facebook page

Incredible Edible Bristol on Instagram

Sara Venn on Twitter

Sara’s own website

My Sustainable Life Community on FB