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Houston-we have problem…

The lovely hubby just went to get the tyres swapped around on the car (apparently this is good practice, as the tyres wear differently front and back, so if you swap them around then you should get more wear out of them-I just smile and nod and leave all things car related to him-he loves it) BUT the tread had gone on the front two and we had to get two NEW tyres… I questioned whether you could get second-hand tyres, and you can get part-worn tyres, but I’m told this is not good in terms of either road safety or value for money as it ends up being a false economy. So, at least this is the practice month, and it is doing what it is supposed to and throwing up any potential problems! The rules may have to be amended to exclude bits for the car(s) should they need fixing. You can get lots of car bits re-conditioned, and we will endeavour to do so, but if safety dictates, then I’m afraid we will have to buy new.

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