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A bit of tarting up

I found this hoody in a charity shop makred down to £1.99. It is from Fat Face, and the label said it was marked down beacause it was worn (I’m assuming meaning looking a bit shabby, not previoulsy been worn..) and had a mark on the front. I couldn’t see a mark and thought it was in ok condition so I went a bit crazy and splashed out…

When I got it home, I gave it a wash, and a good inspection. It looks fine, but the neck line but just looks a but grubby,

Close up of slightly grubby, tired neckline

so I thought I could embellish it somehow to try and disguise it and give it a new lease of life.

I thought of several options, including adding a trim with ribbon/lace, adding some buttons, or blanket stitching in my slightly rustic style around the neck piece.

Here are the mocked up choices:

lace trim


slightly retro-y sunflower trim

floral retro kitsch fabric

My basket of embroidery threads and wool to demonstrate what I would use if I was going to blanket stitch. I am clearly too lazy to do some demo stitches…

Once again, I consulted the wisdom of the peeps in facebook land by posting the pics on My Make Do and Mend Year’s facebook page.

The general consensus was for the buttons, which I think was my favourite too. I also went with this choice as it meant I could sew them on whilst sat in front of the TV, and was the least fiddly…!

I am aware that there are people ‘out there’ who have never sewn a button on before. I know this because I was one of them until about 3 years ago. It really is quite easy, and to prove it, I will try to put together some very basic intructions, and provide you with a link to them when they are done (although I am sure there are better versions on You Tube..!)

So what do you think?

Me in my very best modelling pose showing off my new top and boots…

Belatedly realised I should have taken this shot while I WASN’T wearing the top…

PS. One lovely lady on facebook suggested removing the whole neck piece and then bias binding around the raw edge or adding a contrasting trim. I like this idea, but it sounds a bit too much like hard work…(lazy emotion). ButI will certainly hold the idea in reserve if all my buttons fall off, or I think they are failing to hide the ‘tiredness’

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