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A Spot of Make Do and Mend Gardening…

Not our garden, but my parents. In a bizarre turnaround to the normal run of things (basically, my parents doing everything for us in our garden, bar mowing the lawn..) we went to help my parents out with their garden and allotment this weekend, as my mum has not been well.

It was my type of gardening, maximum results for minimal input, and involved a lot of hacking things to bits pruning.

In full on Make Do and Mend mode, we managed to ‘harvest’:

-some lavender, which I am going to put in the airing cupboard to dry out and then use in various Christmas pressies;

-some bits of some kind of aggressively prickly bush, that is still flowering, and I thought looked pretty and would brighten up our lounge, as I think we have decided that buying flowers is not within the rules;

-and some horseradish. This is entirely our fault. We bought my Dad some roots one year for Christmas, and I don’t think any of us were quite aware how ‘virulent’ they were, and they have spread like wildfire and are apparently “a bugger to dig up”. So my poor Dad has been desperately trying to eradicate it, and has decreed that we should make some horseradish sauce…

This is only about 1/8th of it…

-this big bunch of thyme

I am going to try and dry some of it to use over the winter-anyone ever done this? I’m not sure how is best to do it, any advice would be most gratefully received!

And we have been kindly donated some green tomatoes, so will be adding these to our own bountiful harvest, and attempting some green tomato chutney.

It’s all getting a little bit like The Good Life here, which isn’t really a bad thing 🙂

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