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A quick slipper update….

The Great Slipper Make part 1 has happened, and I am sat smugly in my cosy new handmade slippers with nice toasty feet.

The Smalls however, have very cold feet. Bad mummy.

I had every intention of making them some lovely new slippers too, and I still will, but as ever, other things keep getting in the way, and I don’t think they will be done much before Christmas (homemade slippers for Christmas? Lucky Smalls….), so in the meantime, they obviously need something to keep their poor little feet warm.

I have been half heartedly looking in charity shops for some (why are charity shops so rubbish for kids clothes and shoes?), when I hit GOLD! In the same shop I found two pairs of slippers, both boys slippers, and both in the right sizes for my Smalls. How spooky is that?!

These are BigSmalls, they were brand new, with the tags! £2.50

He loves them.

They have trains on. He is a Small boy. Of course he loves them.

The only problem is that it is quite hard to distinguish left from right. I said I could sew a distinguishing dot onto one of them, but he asked me for an ‘R’. We compromised on an ‘L’ as I figured this would be easier to sew…!

It’s not the best picture, and it’s kind of hard to see anyway because the stitches have sunk into the velour type stuff, but you can just about make out the ‘L’, and it’s enough for BigSmall to be able to see!

And these are SmallSmalls. These were £1.50

I wasn’t sure what he would make of slippers, as I don’t think he had any last year, as he was still in babygros a lot of the time, and not walking yet.

He absolutely loves them. To the point that I actually now feel really guilty, that the whole time his little feet have probably been freezing and he just hasn’t been able to tell us, and now he’s thinking “Thank goodness they finally got the message, and I don’t have to put up with cold feet anymore”!

They are hardly worn, but the lining has come away on one of them,

so I am going to stick this down with a little fabric glue (if I can wrestle them off him for long enough-he took them to bed the other night…), and then they will be good as new!

So toasty feet all round.

Except for hubby….

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