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Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More

I got this e-mail (below) recently from the lovely people at Pretty Nostalgic Magazine,
For our January/February issue, we want to run a ‘Change Your Life’ feature – a roundup of inspirational but practical tips for how to live by our Pretty Nostalgic motto: Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More. (I feel I am duty bound to support a magazine with this motto! And it is a pretty great mag too :))
These can be small and simple ideas or big and grand ones for making positive changes in the New Year, something that you do or plan to do in your daily life and would like for others to do the same, for example:
Spend Wisely could be:
 – Insulate your loft
– Plan your weekly menu
– Buy a weekly veg box
Waste Less could be:
– Recycle your Xmas cards with the Woodland Trust
– Buy a water butt
– Defrost your freezer
Appreciate More could be
– Holiday in the UK
– Buy your children a scrapbook 
– Have a no TV/Internet evening once a week
Please email your handy tip (70-100 words) and web address to, by 25 November. All the better if you can provide a hi-res pic to illustrate your tip. We can’t wait to read your ideas and share them in the New Year!
And I thought “Hmmmm, I might know of a few people who might be able to help with this one”.
That’s you lot. In case you hadn’t gathered.
So get going!
My tip, needless to say, was to Buy Nothing New, so you can’t have that one 😉
But I am sure you all have loads of fab ideas-e-mail them to Abi (address above) and if you have the time/inclination you could leave them in a comment below too.


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  • Reply Sue November 14, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Just one day a week, no emails or phone texts : write a letter! Putting pen to paper is very satisfying. Sue xx

    • Reply Jen November 17, 2013 at 12:23 pm

      Great idea Sue. My attempts at a screen free day every week failed miserably 🙁

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