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#makedoandmendhour 31st July

Here’s this weeks round-up of our #makedoandmendhour Twitter chat-every Thursday 8-9pm!

Pics we shared:


1. Beautifully painted and re-vamped furniture from @petitmiracles
2. Another great example of what lick of paint can do to an item-I LOVE the painted shelves! From @raebyrae
3. and 4. raebyrae works at REWORK London, and tweeted these before and after pics of a chair being ‘re-loved’ It was sprayed by one of their volunteers, and was his 1st attempt-what a great job!
5. @CarlaTROATSblog tweeted this pic of her trainers, to ask if anyone had any ideas for how to repair the hole in the heel are on the inside
6. @mrsmacscrochet came up with the idea of using these blister plasters on the shoe, to cover the hole 🙂
7. and 8. Some great Ikea hacks from @CarlaRTOATSblog-No.7 is a deco patched old duvet cover-what a great idea!
9. @DalkeyDan shared this photo of a microwave piccalilli recipe-great idea for energy saving whilst preserving
10. This is a photo of @DalkeyDans courgettes-grown in a pot on her 4th floor balcony! Puts my feeble gardening efforts to shame
11. Another gorgeous piece from @petitmiracles
12. @BB_CIW shared this photo of her old new speaker stand made from an old table
13. @randbdesigns teased is with this shot of a shirt hack
14. This is the full pic of the shirt hack from @randbdesigns
15. @BB_CIW and her hubby got tired of a piece of land being fly-tipped on, so they converted it into a communal veg plot, and now get all the kids from the street coming to help them tend it!
16. Some fabulous vintage cutlery jewellery from @therealjuicybug

Things we learned:

  • The world is full of wonderful people! Hopefully this isn’t a new fact to most of us, but this week we had tweets from @petitmiracles (Petit Miracles) and @rarbyrae of REWORKLondon, both of which are social enterprises that upcycle old furniture, as well as training up people who need some getting back to work-win win!
    AND we were shown how two people taking action in their own street, can make a huge impact, and create a whole new experience for the residents, just by making a veg patch out of an eyesore-hurrah for that!
  • Picallilli can be made in the microwave. Here’s the pic again, but bigger if you want to see the recipe. @DalkeyDan says she used fresh veg instead of frozen
    Microwave picalilli @DalkeyDan
  • Jam that hasn’t worked (been slightly burned, or not set etc) can be added to the pan when making chutney, and no one will be any the wiser!
  • There is such thing as a ‘gravity fed air gun’ that you can use for spray painting, thereby eliminating the need for spray cans and all the nasty chemicals
  • The Good Wardrobe are launching a new blog series called Make or Mend of the month, and are on the look-out for your Makes and Mends to share!

Links we shared:

Thanks, as ever, to everyone who came and joined in, and shared their photos and their wisdom!
I am starting up a ‘personal reminder service’ for people who want it-basically, I’ll tweet you half an hour before the start of #makedoandmendhour each week, so you don’t forget! Let me know if you want to be added to the list 🙂

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