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Fill Your House for Free-Episode 5

Apologies for the lateness of this round-up of this week’s Fill Your House for Free-the summer holidays are making it harder than ever to get things done..!
BUT the good news is, that this week’s Fill Your House is not the last one, as I thought, but there is another episode next week-HURRAY!

As usual, there were loads of great upcycling and re-use ideas this week. And the team had a big challenge-needing to come up with an upcycled kitchen…
Max McMurdo did a great job with a kitchen island re-purposed from an old bookcase-it looked fab.
I’ve had a quick peek on Pinterest, and found some other great kitchen island upcycles:

  • This one is from an old TV unit
Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

  • This one is from a chest of drawers-love the colour!
Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

  • And this one is from old shutters!
Photo from Beyond the Picket Fence via Pinterest

Photo from Beyond the Picket Fence via Pinterest

As part of his Free kitchen, Max also made a whole new mixer tap from some old shower taps and some copper pipe-there is a little guide if you want to have a go yourself, on the C4 website:

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 22.27.12


The couple in this week’s episode re-tiled their kitchen using end of line tiles, but how about this great idea for a ’tiled’ wall-bottlecaps?!

Image from BuzzFeed

Image from BuzzFeed

Each week, Kirstie goes off in search of upcycled inspiration, and takes a tour around  a ‘Pre-loved’ house. This week’s house was fabulous. I think my favourite piece was the cable reel coffee table. It looked a bit like this:

If you can lay your hands on one of these beauties-grab it!

Lee Baker had a tricky task, helping out a lady who was not really a fan of secondhand, but he won her over with some brilliant ‘Nail Art’.
I’ve seen these online before, and would love to have a go (I am adding to my loooong list of projects I want to try…!)
Here are some I’ve found online

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


Image and tutorial from Poppy Haus

Image and tutorial from

Image and tutorial from

Kirstie also busied herself with a great way to tart up an old table, using different coloured vinyl covered tape (I think this might be posh duct tape..) She walks the viewers throughout the process on the programme-it looks like it would need more precision and patience than I think I possess, but it does look good!
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 22.47.38

And it turns out, there are countless projects you can do with duct tape-here are 45 to get you started 😉

You can catch up with the whole episode here, on the C4 website.

I’m so pleased that Kirstie and the team are back for another episode next week 🙂



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  • Reply sandyfaithking August 8, 2014 at 8:39 am

    That duct tape floor is very impressive. I can imagine what my result would look like if I tried o_O

    I have been looking at decoupage ideas, though, as that doesn’t need to be perfectly aligned, and you’ve just given me the idea of a decoupaged kitchen island for my new kitchen.

    • Reply Jen August 10, 2014 at 3:50 pm

      Hi Sandy
      It was a table, not a floor, but yes, very impressive, and I’m with you in that I’m not sure I could be that neat or precise!
      A decoupaged island would be a wonderful thing-be sure to post a pic if you do it 🙂

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