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Waste Less Live More-Fix It

Happy weekend everyone!
It’s Saturday, and for those following the Waste Less Live More Week Be Resourceful Challenge, it’s time to #FixIt 🙂

Fix it

Needless to say, I am a bit of a fan of fixing and mending.
I think maybe I like it so much, as it’s a bit of a Dr Pepper thing-What’s the worst that could happen..?! (is it only me that remembers that advertising campaign..?)
It’s already broken, you have nothing to lose. You may as well have a go.
If you fix it-happy days.
If you don’t, you’re no worse off, and you might have learned something along the way.

There are loads of resources available, online and in real life, to help you fix things:

  • iFixit is a totally amazing site-they’re building “the free repair manual for everything”. I think it’s a bit like the Wikipedia of repair! People can contribute repair guides, and there’s a tools and parts store too. It looks to be a US based site, so some of the terms may be different and the store might be less useful for those of us in the UK (although I am sure they ship internationally), but otherwise, it looks pretty awesome!
  • Fixperts-their tagline tagline is “Fixperts is about fixing”. It’s an open knowledge sharing platform for all things fixing. you can upload your own FixFilm, or browse them for inspiration and help
  • Sugru are doing a fabulous job of championing repair and ‘hacking’. There are loads of videos on their site, uploaded by users showing ingenious and inspiring uses for Sugru
  • The Guardian have been running a great series online for the last few months called How to Mend. It’s a great resource for all kinds of fixes
  • Repair Cafes-I’ve blogged about the awesome-ness of Repair Cafes before, and with the help of Emma Croft at the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, I set one up in Warminster. They are such a fabulous idea-basically, a team of volunteer menders is on hand to fix people’s broken things. For FREE! And there is often cake too 🙂
    There are more and more springing up all over the place all the time. Have a look to see if there is one near you, and if there isn’t, how about setting one up?! This article from the Guardian gives you some pointers, and there is also some help on the Repair Cafe website too
  • The Restart Project-this is a London based enterprise that focusses on electrical repair. They hold community and workplace Restart parties, aimed at increasing the lifespan of electronics and electrical equipment
  • The Big Mend-I am lucky enough to live not too far from Bath, and so have been able to attend these brilliant mending sew-cials organised by the fabulously talented Eirlys (aka Scrapiana)
  • I couldn’t leave this article without a little plug for the Make Do and Mend-able Facebook community that I’ve recently started up. It’s a lovely friendly place to bring your mending tips and queries, and ‘crowd-fund’ some help from fellow Make Do and Menders!

So no excuses! Get on and FixIt 🙂
I’d love to see or hear about the things you’ve been mending-do share them in the comments below, or on the FB page, or tweet me @makeandmendyear!

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