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International Day of Happiness!

Today is International Day of Happiness, and I’ve written a post on the main blog about how Make Do and Mend has the power to help us get happy!
I posed the question “Do you think Make Do and Mend has a positive impact on your mental health?” during last night’s #makedoandmendhour on Twitter, and it was met with an overwhelming “YES”! With some people telling of how if had helped them overcome depressive illnesses, and really tough periods in their lives.

I LOVE that Making Do and Mending not gives us the power to make or mend things ourselves, rather than have to resort to spending our hard-earned pennies on new things, but that it also has the power to mend ourselves too.

That really is very awesome indeed.

So, here a couple of pictures of things I took last night, of current projects that #makemehappy!

Granny squares. I may be just a *teeny* bit addicted...

Granny squares.
I may be just a *teeny* bit addicted…

A very #VisibleMend of our butter dish, with sugru!

A very #VisibleMend of our butter dish, with sugru!

#makemehappy loaf1

Homemade cinnamon swirl bread. Even Paul Hollywood would be happy with that one…!

Does Make Do and Mend help make you happy?
Share your pics below or on social media using #makemehappy!

Happy Happiness Day everyone!!

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