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25+ Easter Makes

It’s the weekend!
And not only that, but here in (please be sunny) Wiltshire, the kids have broken up for Easter.
I have that holiday feeling-if you have small-ish kids you might recognise it-part relieved that that daily “for the eleventh time, will you put your shoes on” race for the door is postponed for a couple of weeks; part mild dread at the thought of trying to referee two small people 24/7 for 16 days, and 8.5hrs….

As ever, I have good intentions of trying to fill our days with many happy hours of crafting and skipping gaily through fields with laughing children, but we shall see….
Anyway, I’ve been hitting Pinterest, and have found some awesome Easter/Spring themed crafts, for you and the smalls in your life.


1. 2. 3. and 5.
Via Pinterest. The links kept saying it was suspicious when I clicked through to try and find the original source, but I think the pics are pretty self-explanatory if you want to have a go!

4. Fingerprint cards from Tipjunkie



1. Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations has done a great round-up post of 6 recycled Easter baskets, of which I think thatthis one from Red Ted Art is my fave!

2. Plastic Bag Basket from Lucky Ladybird Craft

3. A little bit of clever folding gets you this one from The Scrappy Side of Life

4. A little bit more clever folding and you can make one of these adorable origami bunny baskets from Oh So Very Pretty

5. Or you can weave one from a newspaper, like Deceptively Educational!

Easter Bonnets

1. Shaun the Sheep! Via Pinterest

2. This Lego bonnet from Quiltylicious will definitely appeal to my boys…

3. This bunny is part of a post with loads of Easter bonnet ideas from The Organsied Housewife

4. I love this spring bonnet from Sunhats and wellieboots

5. The Crafty Crow have this great Easter Egg crown

Crafts for the Kids

1. Cute loo roll Easter bunnies from Mulheres em Conflito

2. These yarn wrapped eggs promise to be ‘easy’ for kids. From Fantastic Fun and Learning

3. I can’t find the original link for this, but I saw it on Pinterest, and it looks fun!

4. Daffodil pinwheels from NurtureStore

5. And there are another 25 Easter crafts here from NurtureStore, including these great cress egg heads

Crafts for the Grown-ups

1. There are 6 great Easter bags here from Mollie Makes-I really want to have a go at the crocheted bunny…!

2. This knitted chick from Fi & me is just the right size to hide a creme egg in!

3. Crocheted bunnies from Zween! I’m wondering if these could be made to hide a creme egg too….

4. This bunny from Duitang is made from a knitted square, and I’m guessing it would work with crochet too?

5. These sunny scrap busting daffodils from fler will brighten any room!

Do you have any favourite Easter makes?

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