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100 Ideas for the #100DayProject

I blogged yesterday about #The100DayProject, to see if anyone wanted to join in, and have been racking my brain ever since to come up with an idea.
Sooooo, inspired by this great post by Clare at A Girl Fifteen, I thought it might be helpful to get some ideas on paper (screen?) to help out if anyone else is struggling too.
And then because I never like things to be too easy, I thought I should come up with 100 ideas….

So here goes:

Yarn based crafts

1. Crochet a Granny Square a day
2. Start a ripple blanket and crochet a line a day-there are some great instructions here at Meet Me at Mikes
3. Crochet a different Granny Square a day-Eline over at Pasta Patchwork has some great patterns
4. Knit a square a day-my mother in law has been knitting squares and is now sewing them all together into a giant blanket that is going to go over to Romania with a charity
5. Crochet a flower a day-here are 25 free patterns to get you started!
6. Make a pompom a day. Those of you who remember the 2014 Christmas tree will know my love of pompoms…
7. Crochet a heart a day-try these instructions here from Lucy at Attic 24
8. Learn a new crochet or knitting stitch a day, and make a sampler (are there 100 stitches? I’m sure if you looked really hard there might be…!)
9. Get ahead of the game and start knitting hats for the Innocent Smoothie/Age UK Big Knit. Other charity knitting projects like the Knit For Peace Keep Britain Warm project, or there’s a list of other organsiations here
0. If you want to develop your pattern writing skills, then how about ‘inventing’ a pattern a day, for a granny square or simple cushion cover etc.

Fabric and sewing crafts

1. A patchwork square a day
2. A hexie a day
3. If you are feeling really keen, (and have the time!) you could sew a garment a day
4. Sew a Dress a Girl Around the world pillowcase dress a day-how cool would that be? To have mad 100 dresses, and brightened 100 lives
5. Sew a yo-yo a day. You could make them into brooches to give as gifts
6. Sew something, anything, a day! Here’s a great post with 25 sewing projects that take less than 10 minutes
7. A cross stitch a day
8. A morsbag a day-this is a great project with the tagline: Sociable. Guerilla. Bagging.
9. A craftivist project a day-activism through craft! Check out the great range of projects here
10. Make 100 superhoero capes for I am Super-hero, and put 100 smiles on 100 faces


1. Bake a cake a day (you might want to give some of them away too…!)
2. Bake a different type of biscuit every day
3. Cook a completely new to you recipe every day for 100 days
4. Make something other than sandwiches for your packed lunch every day
5. Create a recipe a day (and you could have your very own cook book after 100 days!)
6. Cook using your slow cooker every day
7. Forage for your food every day for 100 days. You may end up eating a lot of wild garlic and nettle soup…!
8. Eat a different breakfast every day
9. Cook something for someone else every day. A neighbour, or an elderly relative, or a friend who’s just had a baby
10. Cook something to put in your freezer every day-imagine then having 100 days off cooking..!


1. Write a page of that book you’ve been planning for years
2. Send 100 hand written letters
3. Write a poem a day
4. Write 100 limericks, and send them to someone to make them smile
5. Write 100 inspirational quotes, and leave them around your neighbourhood for people to find
6. Write a blog post a day
7. Experiment with a different type face every day for 100 days
8. Write a joke a day
9. Write a love letter a day. Or just a one-liner to tell someone why you love them
10. Send 100 postcards


1. A drawing a day for 100 days
2. A doodle a day
3. A colouring page a day (have you seen those colouring books for grown ups?!)
4. A painting a day
5. A new ‘medium’ a day for 100 days eg. clay, fabric, oil paints etc
6. Draw your dreams every morning when you wake up
7. Draw a flower a day
8. Draw a self portrait a day
9. Paint the same item/view every day
10. Draw a monster, or a robot, or an alien a day


1. Run a mile a day for 100 days
2. Bike 1 mile a day for 100 days
3. Walk a mile a day for 100 days
4. Commit to an hour of exercise (it can be broken up into smaller increments throughout the day) every day for 100 days
5. Do a yoga pose a day
6. S-t-r-e-e-e-e-t-c-h! Just think how flexible you might be after 10 minutes stretching a day for 100 days
7. Bounce on a space hopper for 10 minutes (or 1 minute!) for 100 days
8. Swim every day for 100 days
9. Do a different form of exercise every day for 100 days. You might need to get quite inventive towards the end. Hopping on the left foot. Hopping on the right foot….
10. Walk 10,000 steps a day (I think that’s the recommended amount-eeek!) every day


1. Sing a song, any song, all the way through. Every day.
2. Write a line of a song a day for 100 days
3. Write a song a day if you’re feeling keen
4. Play a musical instrument every day. For 1 minute, or 1 hour. Just play.
5. Sing to someone else every day
6. Volunteer to play at an old people’s home every day
7. Listen to a new piece of music, something you’ve never heard before, every day
8. Learn a new chord a day
9. Teach someone else a chord a day
10. Sing in the shower


1. Take a picture every day
2. Edit a picture every day
3. Take a Black and White picture every day
4. Take a still life picture a day
5. Take a movement picture every day
6. Take a picture of the same thing every day eg a tree, or a park bench etc
7. Print off and frame a picture a day, to make a start getting those pics off your computer and out where they can be seen
8. Take a picture of your kids every day for 100 days. You could do it at the same time every day.
9. Take a 1 minute video in the same place every day for 100 days
10. Take a picture of something you are grateful for every day (I think Emma at Mommy Emu is doing this one-what a great idea!)

Acts of Kindness

1. Volunteer an hour a day
2. Smile at 100 strangers
3. Leave a used book on public transport for someone to find
4. Donate an item of food to the foodbank every day
5. Pick up 10 pieces of litter (and put them in the bin!)
6. Compliment someone every day
7. Post a positive comment on someone else’s blog post
8. Be kind to someone you don’t like. Every day.
9. Gift an item of your craft stash every day…
10. Make someone laugh

Other Random Stuff

1. Learn a new fact every day
2. Learn a new skill every day
3. Try out a new craft every day
4. De-clutter an item a day
5. Read a book a day. Or even a chapter of a book a day
6. Sew 100 seeds
7. Go on 100 dates
8. Take 100 bus rides
9. Pray, or chant, or meditate every day
10. Write down three things that have made you smile at the end of each day. For 100 days


Phew! That was actually quite tough to come up with 100, and I know that some of them are a little tenuous, but hopefully there’s enough there to get you thinking…!
Once you’ve decided, do leave a comment to let us know what you’re doing 🙂

I’ll leave you with this great picture from Elle Luna and The Great Discontent




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