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My #100DaysProject

I have thought long and hard about what to do for my #100DayProject.
I even came up with 100 ideas to get me started…!

Some of the difficulty comes from wanting to do lots of things. I really want to do #100daysofrunning; #100daysofgrannysquares; #100daysofstretching; and also #100daysofenough-giving myself recognition for what I have achieved on any given day, rather than always berating myself for what I haven’t.
But I’ve been inspired by Jenny B on Twitter (@jb5804) who is doing #100daysofleftovers-food, wool, fabric, paint, etc,- to use up all the odds and ends of things left lying about.
Soooooo, I’m going to do…..(drumroll please!)……


It seems only fitting!

Basically, 100 days of Making Do with what I already have.
So I guess essentially, 100 days of Buying Nothing-eeeeeekk!
I’m going to try and Make Do with the fabric, and yarn, and patterns, and clothes, and books, and everything else, that I already have. And I’m going to finish some (all?!) of my WIPs (works in progress). It also extends to food-so making sure we make good use of any leftovers, and avoiding those mid-week dashes to the shops for one ingredient for a recipe (you know, where you go in for one thing, and come out with a basketful…). I’ll try only to make things that use up what we already have, in between weekly shops.

You can follow my progress on Instagram (@makedoandmend-able) and I’ll post regular updates on here.
Who else is joining in and what have you decided to do?
If you leave your IG name and your hashtag, I’ll come and find you!

Have fun guys!!

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