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My March #mmaw2105 make!

Hot on the heels of my (very late) February #mmaw2015 make, I’ve already made my March make, and it’s still only April….!

The pattern

I am working my way through Tilly’s (aka Tilly and the Buttons) book Love at First Stitch (you can read my review of it here), and having done the headband, and the PJ trousers, I’m up to the Delphine skirt.

The book contains full size prints of all the patterns, which is fab, EXCEPT that they are double sided, so that you have to trace off one of the patterns. I am not neat or patient enough for especially accurate tracing, so I do worry a little that some of the subtle nuances of the pattern may well be lost to my ham fisted technique with a felt-tip…

The fabric

I’ve had this old curtain in my stash for ages. I bought it at a car boot just because I loved the florals and the colours.

I originally wanted to use some blue cord I found, but I didn’t have enough, so I was chuffed to bits to find that this piece was big enough.
It still had the curtain tape attached at the top, and I was going to unpick this, but after realising there were not one, but THREE rows of stitching to unpick, I decided life was too short and chopped it off.
I also couldn’t work out which way the grain of the fabric lay as I had no selvedges-is there a clever way of telling?

What I learned

  • I am not great at tracing
  • Tracing whilst attempting to hold two large pieces up to the window is hard and makes your arm ache
  • Any inaccuracies from the tracing are then magnified when I attempt to cut the pattern out
  • My hip:waist ratio is not ‘normal’…!
  • I tend to forget to pre-wash my fabric until I am ready to start cutting, and then have to wait another 24hrs whilst the fabric is washed and dried
  • If you only have thin interfacing and you need medium weight, it is entirely acceptable to use a double thickness of the thin stuff (I checked with the incredibly knowledgable lot on the Make Do and Mend-able Facebook page, and they all said so. So it must be true)
  • Out of the 20 or so zips in my stash, I will never have the right type or size. I needed a 20cm invisible zip, and I got so excited when I found an invisible zip in a perfect colour sat at the bottom of my sewing basket. BUT it was 30cm. However, again due to the wonderful chaps in the Make Do and Mend-able Facebook group, I was assured it was ok to use it and cut it down to size
  • The instructions for invisible zips make NO sense whatsoever to someone like me with no limited spatial awareness. Just trust in the instructions, and follow the steps, and you will end up with a (kind of) invisible zip
  • Trying to work out the instructions for said invisible zip makes me very grumpy, and I have lost the ability to concentrate on more than one thing at once. I simply cannot tolerate small people asking me questions when I am trying to concentrate…!
  • To stop the top layer of fabric ‘walking’ when sewing two layers together, there are several options:
    -Tack all seams first
    -Get a walking foot. Yes, there is such a thing. They sound pretty cool
    -Pin it. Lots and lots. With pins at right angles to the seam so that you can sew over them
    Being impatient, and having just started my #100daysofmakingdo, I went with the pinning option, and it worked-hurrah!
  • I made less silly mistakes-I only got halfway through sewing on the wasitband on backwards before I realised, compared with both sleeves upside down on my top!
  • The bobbin thread will ALWAYS run out on either the penultimate or final row of stitching
  • Sewing always takes at least twice as long as I think it will

TWO items of homemade clothing, on one person!

The waistband (which could probably do with being taken in 1cm, but I have no idea how to do this..!)

The waistband (which could probably do with being taken in 1cm, but I have no idea how to do this..!)


My not so invisible zip…!


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