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The #100DaysProject-Week One!

You may recall that I’ve joined in with #The100DayProject on Instagram, and that after much deliberation, and a blog post involving 100 ideas for the 100 day project, I decided on 100 days of Making Do.
It’s an attempt to make me use what I already have, rather than keep adding to my fabric and yarn stash It also extends to food-limiting myself to one weekly shop, and avoiding those top up shops where you go in for milk, and come out £40 worse off. And my hope is that I will finish at least some of my WIPs (work in progress)….

week 1 collage

Day 1

100 days week 11

I had some ricotta in the fridge and decided I wanted to make cannelloni. On discovering the lack of both cannelloni tubes and spinach, I Made Do with lasagne sheets and some kind of green leafy thing from the veg box, and voila, lasagne cannelloni hybrid thing! It was delicious!!

Day 2

100 days week 12


I set out to make some ‘Cruffins’ (muffin x croissant. Yes, they are as good as they sound..!) from this month’s Good Food magazine, but had no ground almonds to make the frangipane filling. I Made Do with a30 second whiz in the blitzer for a pack of flaked almonds!

Here are the cruffins. I’ll blog the recipe if anyone wants it!


Day 3

100 days week 13


My granny square poncho!
My neighbour came round the other week and asked if I ever used knitting wool, and would I like some? Ermmmm, yes please! This is using up some of it. I think I kind of like the garish-ness of it. I’m Making Do with the colours I’ve got. But then I saw Eline from Pasta and Patchwork‘s gorgeously muted and stylish version…

Day 4

100 days week 14

My first haircut in 4 months. One of my guilty pleasures since the end of our Buy Nothing New year is the odd magazine or three. I very nearly went and bought a new one to browse whilst being coiffed (is that a word?), but then Made Do with this one from last month instead!

Day 5

100 days week 17


I have been whinging complaining about the lack of space in our back garden for fruit and veg growing for ages, and for some reason it taken me forever to realise that our front garden is just sat there doing nothing! So we’ve gone all WW2 and are Making Do with our front garden as a veg patch! I’m really excited!!

Day 6

6 biscuits1

BigSmall had another birthday party to go to. I Made Do with another batch of these 6 biscuits (but forgot to take a pic, so re-using one from a previous party!), using ingredients we already had in the house, and saving buying any plastic tat!
(I blogged about the pressure of parties and presents here)

Day 7

100 days week 15

I unearthed a very boring, slightly too large for me top in a pile of clothes that someone had given me, and Made it Do, by sewing on this knitted collar my mother in law had.
CONFESSION. This was my first fail! I am so ingrained into the ‘as long as it’s secondhand it’s ok to buy it’ mentality, that I forgot my ‘100 days of not buying at all’ and bought the collar from my mother in law (she sells donated jumble for Save the Children, and this was donated to her). SORRY! I’m really pleased with the top though!

How is everyone else’s #100dayprojects coming along?

If you want to follow my Making Do on Instagram, I’m @makedoandmendable. Do come and say hi!



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