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I have been pretty bad at keeping up with this. (If you have no idea what ‘this’ is, check out previous posts here, and here!)
I’m in a bit of a ‘funk’ at the moment, and seem unable to find the enthusiasm or inclination to take pictures and post them on Instagram.
I think one of the issues is, that I am now so in the habit of Making Do, that it just seems pretty normal and un-photo worthy to me.
When I was taking the pictures, I was more aware of Making Do, but also that I wasn’t making a special effort, I was just doing what has now become habit for me.

BUT I guess the whole reason for wanting to do 100 Days of Making Do, was to ‘showcase’ how easy it is, and encourage other people to Make Do too.

So it’s back on the horse for me.

And here’s a few pics that I did take, but didn’t post:

  • SmallSmall’s Make Do Pirate Birthday.
    He had secondhand Lego and a bug exploring kit I picked up last year in a charity shop for £2…!
Pirate biscuits!

Homemade Pirate Biscuits


Pirate Treasure Island Cake

Pirate Treasure Island, with Lego props and sugar for sand!


  • Our Make Do gardening and seed planting using the contents of our recycling bin


  • Adding leftover mashed potato to soup to thicken it…

Thickening soup with leftover mashed potato!

  • BigSmall falling over in a patch of wild garlic whilst trying to pull up a big load!
    Wild garlic

So I’m back on it.
It might not be world changing, but hopefully it will inspire maybe even one more person to think Making Do instead of buying new 🙂



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