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My #mmaw2015 April Make!

I made my April make in April!!
But I just haven’t got round to blogging it.
So it’s been worn a few times (largely due to Me Made May!) already 🙂

The Pattern

I bought the pdf version of Sew Over It’s Cowl Neck Dress, which comes with variations to make it a top, and have long or short sleeves.



This was a totally different pdf pattern experience to the Dolores Batwing top, which was only 11 pages and had pretty comprehensive instructions.
This was a whopping FORTY pages!! And the instructions weren’t quite as clear or as detailed, but I muddled on through!
I have to confess that I was more than a little daunted by the 40 page thing, and I put off first printing the pattern, and then sticking it all together..!
It did however inspire me to write this post on how to use pdf patterns for the main site!

The Fabric

The instructions call for stretch fabric which is somewhat lacking in my stash.
A while ago I asked in our local Buy Nothing Group if anyone had any they might gift me, and I hit lucky!
I was gifted two really big bits of stretch fabric, one of which wasn’t really my colour, but I managed to swap it for the white stretch I made my Dolores top from in the Make Do and Mend-able Pre-loved Craft Supplies Facebook group.
The other bit was what I used for this. It wasn’t hugely stretchy, but it seems to have done the job, and I would even go so far as to say that I *may* have overcome my stretch fabric phobia..!

What I Learned

  • Some pdf patterns are easier to use than others!
  • Printing and preparing a pattern can take as long as the sewing
  • Sewing stretch fabric is easier than I thought
  • The fit is everything. When I made this, it was far too big around the waist and I was really disappointed with it. To the extent that I almost abandoned it. But then I decided to have a go at taking in the waist, and I’m pleased I did as it made all the difference!

Here’s the Before photo, when the fit wasn’t great:

#mmaw2015 April1

I haven’t quite got round to taking an ‘after’ picture, but I’m MUCH happier with it, and will post one as soon as I have one!

Onwards and upwards to May’s make-I’m thinking maybe a dress….

How is everyone else’s #mmaw2015 going?

If you’ve blogged your makes, do leave the links in the comments and I’ll do my best to share them on social media.
And don’t forget the #mmaw2015 Pinterest board, where you can add your makes!


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