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Quick, easy and delicious birthday gift, for any age!

I alluded in the shortbread post, to making some tiny shortbread sixes.
And now, I will explain why…!

I’ve written in the past about struggling with kid’s birthday parties, and presents.
I’ve started to notice the towering pile of presents on the specially designated present table at some of the parties the Smalls go to, and if I’m totally honest, I’ve begun to find it all a bit obscene.
The sheer excess of it all.
So I decided to try and start making different choices for birthday gifts for parties that the kids get invited to.
The first time around, I made these chocolate fudge numbers. But lost my nerve, and gave them with a book as well.
Since then, I’ve done two rounds of these number 6 cookies, that I’ve iced (very inexpertly) and decorated.
And I’ve uheld my nerve, and just given them on their own. But not been brave enough to discuss it with the relevant parent after the event….
This weekend, I couldn’t face the whole icing palava, and I fancied knocking up another batch of shortbread, so I killed two birds with one stone, and used some of the dough to make a whole pile of teeny tiny number 6’s:


Which I then popped into a homemade bag (blog post coming up..!):
Shortbread6 3
And got BigSmall to write a label:
Shortbread6 4What do you think?
Is this ‘enough’ of a gift?
I did have a mild pang of guilt as I set it down next to the very larger presents at the party.
I’m still struggling a little with this. My head says it’s totally the right thing to do, and that I would be delighted if someone went to the trouble of making my Smalls a batch of biscuits.
Buy my heart, or my insecurity I guess, still struggles…

Anyway, insecurities aside, I think these make a fab gift, and can be tailored to the recipient. You don’t have to do numbers (this might be considered insensitive if they are intended for anyone older than 21…!) although I did do forty 40 biscuits for my brother last year….



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  • Reply claremansell April 3, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    I give a customised t-shirt with the child’s name and age for birthdays. I used to applique, but I’m mostly screenprinting them these days. They feel like the right sort of value of item and are well received. I struggle less with what to give than how to reign in what is given, dare I ask for plastic free and/or edible gifts?

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