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Gumtree Upcycle Revolution Challenge-The Big Reveal…!

I wrote earlier on this week after being invited to take part in the Gumtree Upcycle Revolution Challenge, and posted a picture of the item that we had bought off Gumtree to upcycle:



Inspired by our Sideboard to Guinea Pig Mansion upcycle from last year, we decided to make a Pet Storage Solution (aka a Rat House)!

#upcyclerev after-WP

We’ve designated it a Pet Storage Solution for two reasons:

1) We got carried away and kind of forgot that there was a design brief, and that our upcycled item had to incorporate some kind of storage element.
So this is storage, for rats…
2) It is WAY more than a rat house, as you will see….


1. Hinged lid for ease of access, complete with perspex sunroof
2. Sleepy house made from scraps of wood in the garage, with removable lid to facilitate rat removal, and wall to wall carpeting (a carpet sample we had!)
3. Ventilation holes, using an offcut of mesh leftover from the guinea pig cage upcycle
4. Hammock made from the back of a pair of old jeans of the kids that were beyond repair, and a patch of an old fleece jumper
5. “Gumtree” the sock rat!
6. Tunnel/bed made from the leg of the aforementioned jeans (complete with patch) and the arm of the fleece
7. Perspex window cut into the door, to allow full visualisation of the rats, in their storage…
8. Drainpipe hidey hole
9. Ramps for cavorting on
10. Hole for drinks bottle complete with rubber seal to prevent water damage, fashioned from an old inner tube
11. Lino flooring for easy cleaning

And on the front, hanging from the doorknob is chalkboard sign so you can label your rat house storage, with the name of your rat and know what is in there!

I was pretty adamant that we tried to source everything we needed secondhand, and we did pretty well:

  • the perspex was gifted to us from our local Buy Nothing Group
  • the drainpipe was also gifted from the same site
  • the lino was given to hubby by a colleague at work
  • the wood was all offcuts that we cluttering up the garage
  • the paint was leftover from various painting jobs we’ve done around the house
  • the beds were upcycled from old clothes that were beyond mending
  • even the “Gumtree” the rat was upcycled from one of hubby’s old work socks!

All we bought new was the hooks to hang the hammock and drainpipe, and a bag of screws-hurray!

So after a week of Make Do and Mend team work, this beauty is off to London baby!

I’ll let you know how we get on!




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