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The A-Z of Upcycling and National Upcycling Day

Today has been National Upcycling Day!

BI-National Upcycling Day

And it has been BONKERS!

The brainchild of Gumtree, and part of their #UpcycleRevolution, it has seen the whole Upcycling community really come together in a massive Twitter-fest of all things upcycling.
It was even trending at number 1 for a while!

I was wanting to do something to mark the occasion, and after seeing Chris of EcoChic Interiors was dong an A-Z of #upcycledhour participants, I suddenly thought what a great idea an A-Z of upcycling would be!
So at quite short notice, I e-mailed my buddies at EcoCreate, and Remade in Britain, to ask if they wanted to join in, and I even plucked up the courage to ask ‘celebrity upcycler’ Max McMurdo to write a short intro!

So here it is:

BI-A-Z of upcycling

There’s the A-Z of Things to Upcycle from EcoCreate, the A-Z of Upcycling Techniques from me (with my Make Do and Mend-able hat on!), and the A-Z of Remade in Britain’s upcycling retailers!
Oh, and Max said yes to doing the intro, so there’s a page from him too!

I have to confess it took a few very late nights, and I can’t quite believe we managed to pull it all together in such a short frame, but I’m chuffed to bits with it!
It’s packed with inspiration and ideas, and loads of link to tutorials and how-to’s.
AND you can download it for free!

Happy National Upcycling Day!

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