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Those of you who have been following the blog for any length of time will no doubt be more than aware that my photography needs some work…

More often than not, I am in a rush, and grabbing time here and there in between doing other things, and my photos end up rushed and not in any way ‘styled’ or composed.
And then I get fed up that they look rubbish!

So I decided the time has come to do something about it.
I’ve been following Emily Quinton on Instagram for a while, and am always in awe/slightly depressed by her gorgeous photos.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.35.07
They are really beautiful, with lots of amazing super close ups of gorgeous flowers.
The reason they slightly depress me is that they act as a reminder of how my photos are so far removed from these.
Emily runs workshops at the Makelight Studio in London, but it’s not really that practical for me to attend courses, especially when they are a reasonable distance from home. So when I saw that Emily was running a Makelight Worldwide Online course, I signed up in a flash!

This is all a long winded intro to ‘forewarn’ you that I’ll be sharing my journey here on the blog!
I’m hoping that if I can document my pictures in one place, then I will be able to see the progress I am making during the course.
I hope you all don’t mind!

OK, so here’s a screenshot of my Instagram account from last week (the start of the course) which hopefully will act as a contrast when I take a screenshot of it at the end:

Makelight IG screenshot
This week we’ve been thinking about developing our ‘style’.
I’ve struggled with this, as I don’t think I have any style, photographic or otherwise.
But one of the other course members suggested just starting to take lots of photos and seeing what, if any, style starts to emerge.
This is fabulous advice, as I had been kind of paralysed, and not taking any pictures for fear of not getting the ‘right’ style!

So here are some of the shots I took at the weekend:

Makelight week 1 collage

Not sure there is much in the way of a style there, except I do seem to like plants and flowers…!

We’ve also been discussing the effect of the light and the time of day on our pictures.
Again, inspired by another member on the course, I took the same picture at 8am and 8pm, to see the difference in the light:

Makelight light 2 Makelight light 1Even though these were close up shots, without too much in the way of ambient light in the shot, it’s still really interesting to see the difference that the morning (left hand side) makes, compared to the evening light.

And then on Sunday, I went for a run and took my phone, and discovered that stopping to take photos is an excellent excuse for a breather..!

Makelight week 1 collage 2

And that although I have a tendency to zoom in and look at the details, sometimes it’s important to look up at the big picture too. These are awful pictures, but they were awesome views!

Makelight week 1 views collage

I hope you don’t mind me posting my photos here. It seems like a good place to keep all my pictures and hopefully see the progress I make!





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