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#makingitbetter-Spice Time Credits

At the Big Lunch Extras Swindon Roadshow, the guys from Create Me Happy were raving all about Time Credits, and it sounds AMAZING!

I may be late to the party, and you might already know about this project, so if you do, bear with. And if you don’t, prick up your ears, because this could change your world…!

Time Credits are another brilliantly simple idea.
When you volunteer an hour of your time, you get given a 1hr time credit voucher.

Spice time credits2
And you can spend these vouchers in all kinds of places, both within your own county, and nationwide.
You can exchange them for things like gym classes, swimming sessions, theatre productions, museum visits, and days out.


Is anyone else super excited?!

The project started in Wales and has spread all over the country (although it doesn’t look like they have made it to Scotland yet). Depending on where you are, depends a little bit on what is available both in terms of volunteering opportunities, and in terms of places you can spend your credits.
BUT the more people who know about it, and the more people who ‘demand’ that it comes to their town, and the projects in their community, the quicker word will spread!
You can find out what is happening near you here.

I’ve just sent them an e-mail to find out how I can start to give out Time Credits for the Repair Cafe volunteers, and for anyone who helps out with our Swishes.
And if I ever get round to organising some workshops, I’d love to be able to be registered for people to spend their vouchers at them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of Time Credits-whether you already use them, or whether you’re keen to find out more and if you can earn/use them in your local community!

PS. If you want a piece of the Big Lunch Extras inspiration, then there is another roadshow happening in Bournemouth at the start of August-more info here!


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