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#mmaw June-FAIL!!

I was feeling so smug in May having caught up with my #mmaw2015 Challenge (a challenge to make one item of clothing a month for the year-you can read more here if you’ve no idea what the dickens I’m on about..!)

And now it’s mid July and I’ve done no more more sewing 🙁
And I’m behind again!

My excuses are many and varied but the biggest one is a lack of material. Hubby would argue with this and gesture in the direction of the over-flowing spare room wardrobe which I will admit does contain a reasonable stash of fabric. But none of the right fabric.
I am seriously lacking in t-shirts but have had real trouble tracking down any secondhand stretch fabric.
I posted in the Make Do and Mend-able Pre-loved Craft Stuff Facebook group to see if anyone had any; I looked on eBay, and Preloved, and asked in our local Buy Nothing Group, all without success.
I started to have a look online at organic stretch fabric and was just on the verge of posting an order, when someone newly added to the Facebook group saw my post and came to my rescue!

So now I have 10m of pre-loved assorted colour stretch t-shirt fabric winging it’s way to me, and I can get started on some t-shirts-yippeee!

I’ve signed up for Tilly and the Buttons online “Learn to sew jersey tops…on a regular sewing machine” course, and have been wanting to get started, but without any knit fabric it was tricky…
So as soon as my fabric arrives, I’ll dive in and hopefully have two tops whipped up before the end of July…
Who am I kidding? SmallSmall finished pre-school (forever-eeek!) onFriday, and BigSmall finishes tomorrow for the summer. So my time will be even more limited, but I hope to squeeze on some sewing somewhere, and have t-shirts to wear whilst it’s still warm enough to wear them!

How is everyone else getting on?
You can still join in, and post your makes to the #mmaw2015 Pinterest board for us all to admire!
Here’s Nora at Home’s fab Sailor Pants!

Eleanor's birthday party 2015 029



And Susan has been super busy and as prolific as ever!




I hope you are all being far more productive than me..!

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  • Reply Angela Almond July 21, 2015 at 7:09 am

    Since moving in January I have avoided buying ANY fabric – other than the ridiculously cheap stuff we used as tablecloths for the wedding, That came from Fabricland.- can I just say they are AMAZING value. The website is pretty badly put together to be honest, but if you can get to one of their shops you will discover metres of lovely stuff at rock bottom prices. [they will also post you samples of fabric if you want to try-before-you-buy] We are fortunate to have a store about 4 miles away. I thought it was worth passing this on. Blessings xxPS I think T& the buttons is a great blog too!

    • Reply Jen July 29, 2015 at 12:12 pm

      Hey Angela
      Sorry for the very belated reply to this!
      I really try to avoid buying new fabric not really as a financial thing but because I worry about the environmental impact of fabric production. I understand that sometimes people want/need cheap fabric, but if I can I really prefer to repurpose something (old sheets and duvets would make great tablecloths!). And if I can’t find what I want secondhand, then I try to buy ethical fabric, that has a lower environmental impact. I know this approach isn’t for everyone, but it’s what sits easiest with my conscience!

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