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Repair and Re-use Resources

We have a special #makedoandmendhour tonight on Twitter where Zero Waste Week, the Festival of Repair, and me, all join forces to talk all things repair and re-use!

I thought it was a great opportunity to collect together some Repair and Re-use resouces, so here goes:

Re-use supplies

If you are looking for secondhand furniture to upcycle, or fabric to re-use, then here’s a list of places to look:

If you are looking for paint for doing up furniture:

  • Ask on Freecycle or Freegle etc
  • See if there is a Community Re-paint project near youIf you want chalk paint, then there are a variety of powders available now that you can add to normal paint, and turn it into chalk paint-magic!
    Try Websters Chalk Paint Powder, or Max McMurdo’s Magic Chalk Paint Powder.

And there are some useful posts here on sourcing secondhand fabric, sourcing secondhand yarn, and sourcing secondhand sewing machines.

Re-use skills

If you want to learn how to re-use all kinds of things to make better use of the resources you already have, then this post from earlier on this week is the place to start!

And there are some round up posts here with inspiration for using all kinds of everyday things: jeanspillowcases, and even tin cans.

If you are looking for upcycling blogs to follow, here is a list of ten great ones.

Repair Supplies

If you need specific tools for repair jobs, then again Freecycle and Freegle can be good places to ask.
Streetbank is website where you can post to see if any of your neighbours have the tools or equipment that you need, and then you can borrow them!
Residents of Edinburgh are lucky enough to have a Tool Library, where they can borrow the tools that they need, and those in Frome can make use of the SHARE shop there.

Repair Resources

There are lots of really useful resources online to help you figure out how to fix your stuff!

  • Love Your Clothes has lots of tutorials to show you how to repair your clothes-everything from sewing on a button, to hemming your trousers
  • Manuals Lib has over 600,000 manuals online, and you can search to find the one you are looking for
  • Rinstruct brings you manuals and instructions for pretty much everything!
  • ifixit is a global community of people helping each other repair things.
  • You Tube is also a brilliant resource to search for how-to videos for all kinds of fixing

And if need help from an actual person, have a look to see if you have a Repair Cafe, or Restart Party near you.

As part of the Festival of Repair, I’m working with The Rubbish Diet to gather together people’s favourite repair places, and list them on the Directory.
We’ve made a start, you can find them under the Festival of Repiar category, but we need more!
If you have a favourite place you go to get your shoes re-soled, or your sewing machine repaired, then do leave a comment and I can add it in!

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