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25 Blackberry Recipes

It’s that time of year!
It feels like Summer never really got off the ground, the nights are drawing in, and Autumn is upon us.
But the upside is that we can banish any expectations of sun and warmth, and wear our woollies with glee!
And the hedgerows are also bursting with free food ūüôā

Blackberrying is, I think, a compulsory activity for this time of year, and a very lovely way indeed to while away an hour or two.

Having spent just such an hour at the weekend, we managed to amass a good lunchbox full of blackberries, so I was in need of inspiration to make sure our hard won blackberries weren’t wasted.
I asked the wonderful community on the Make Do and Mend-able Facebook group¬†for their favourite blackberry recipes, and was inundated with ideas ūüôā


:: Blackberry and apple jam-this is a classic. Try this recipe from Cottage Smallholder
:: If you don’t want chunks of fruit, then try this Blackberry and Apple Jelly¬†from Jibber Jabber
:: Blackberry and elderberry jam-while you’re out picking blackberries, keep your eyes peeled for elderberries to harvest too! There’s a simple recipe here¬†from Bay Tree Cottage Country Living Workshops
:: Blackberry and apple chutney-I’m loving the sound of this Apple, Blackberry and Cinnamon Chutney¬†from Good Food Shared, that I found via¬†Vicky Myer’s Creations!


Image from Good Food Shared


:: Blackberry crumble is a classic, with or without the addition of apple
:: Blackberry and apple pie is another traditional and tasty blackberry pud!

Image from Miss Foodwise

:: Blackberry cobbler-in the UK cobbler involves a scone type topping, whereas in the USA, I think Cobbler traditionally has a batter type topping. Here’s a UK version!
::¬†Make junket, and serve with poached blackberries-junket is an ‘old fashioned’ milk based pud, and I’m really tempted to try this recipe out
:: Blackberry cheesecake-this is a no bake version that looks pretty simple to make, and delicious to eat
::¬†Blackberry cottage tart-the ingredients list for this is making my mouth water-I’m adding it to the list!
:: Blackberry and apple lasagne! This was suggested by Jane in te Facebook group, and I couldn’t find a recipe online, but here is one for a sweet apple lasagne, that I am sure can be adapted to include blackberries!
:: Blackberry ice cream-preserve the taste of Autumn as far as next Summer!
:: Blackberry Jelly-jelly as in the wibble wobble type, not the preserve type! My lovely hubby makes a fabulous orange and strawberry jelly, and I’m just thinking how yummy it would be to try a blackberry version!

:: Autumn Crumble Cake-I made this last night and blogged it over on My Make Do and Mend Year

:: Blackberry tea bread. Bea in the Facebook group posted this picture of a recipe for Bilberry tea bread, that she adapts to use blackberries instead

:: Blackberry blondies-say no more
:: Blackberry muffins-try this White Chocolate and Blackberry version!


:: Blackberry vodka
:: Blackberry rum
:: Blackberry port-this was from Laura in the Facebook group:
“Take a crock or plastic bucket and layer of blackberies layer of sugar layer of blackberries.¬†Repeat. It wil ferment for weeks or even months – stir every few days to check it’s still going. Then strain and bottle-last year I even made boozy jelly out of the strained berries, yummy!”

Miscellaneous edibles

:: Blackberry and fennel pizza-this recipe from Scaling Back Blog sounds intriguing!

Image from Scaling Back Blog

:: Blackberry porridge-soak prridge oats in yoghurt overnight, and then stir through blackberries in the morning, for an instant Autumn breakfast!

Other uses

:: Blackberry vinegar-Linda very kindly shared her Nana’s blackberry vinegar recipe:
Get a glass or china bowl. Add blackberries.¬†Cover in malt vinegar (cider vinegar if you’re feeling rich!)
Allow to sit for about 7 days, then strain through a cloth. I squeeze it though my nana didn’t think you should.
(I use up the leftover pulp as a sort of pickle or put it in sourdough bread!)
To each pint of juice add 400 g of white sugar, and then bring to the boil and allow to stand.
It’s not a jam or jelly so no need to reach setting point.

Bottle in sterilised bottles while still hot.
Keep for a month or more before opening. Once open keep in the fridge but it will keep ages!
And for all those of you thinking “what on earth do I do with blackberry vinegar?”, you can apparently mixit with honey and hot water to make a great Winter tonic that is good for sore throats. Or use it as an alternative to balsamic to dress salads and vegetables.
:: Make yarn from the leaves!
I can’t find any reference to this online, but Jane insists that you can shread the leaves, card them and then twist into a flax-like yarn!
:: Dyes for fabric and yarn-blackberries make a gorgeous coloured natural dye-you could even try a spot of tie-dye!

Image from Actually Mummy

Do you have any favourite blackberry recipes? Do share, I’d love to expand the list!

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