A Quick and Easy Way to Shorten Curtains

Today we have another fab guest post from the wonderful Vicky Myers of Vicky Myers Creations. She has stumbled across a ridiculously easy way to shorten curtains, and asked me if thought it would be a useful post. Yes, I do!

Do you re-custom curtains??
I do, although I can be lazy – these curtains have been up for nearly 5 years at 5″ too long. I had tried hand turning them up at the bottom but they just didn’t hang right so I unpicked and gave up…

Too long curtains

But I’ve just discovered that adding new curtain tape at the correct height is a simple easy way of shortening your curtains!


You can unpick the curtain tape you have and reuse – if you do I strongly recommend ungathering so you can stitch flat tape on flat fabric.

Start by measuring the difference you wish to shorten them by, whilst they are hung up. In this case it is 5.5″.

This is the amount to remove from the top of the curtains, minus your seam allowance. So I will cut off 5″ and allow a half inch seam allowance. Don’t do it yet!!

Whilst your curtains are still hung add a row of pins along your your cut line, and 4 ” further down (the second row of pins holds the lining in place for the bottom of the curtain tape).
Take down your curtains – check your lining and curtain fabric look aligned.

Pin measurements

Stitch just below your cut line, before cutting. Cut off your curtain tape and excess fabric as per your measurements

Cut off excess fabric

Turn under your seam allowance and press.

PIn tape head

Turn over and pin new curtain tape along. Stitch in place, all done.

Correct length curtains

Regather and hang.

Thanks so much Vicky-this is AMAZING!
Checkout Vicky’s blog here, and follow her on Twitter @vickymcreations for more awesome tutorials 🙂


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    No, that’s no good for me – I’m a bloke and I want something simple like some sort of adhesive?

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