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My Evening with David Attenborough!

On Thursday night, not only did hubby and I have an evening out, child-free, we did it in the company of an amazing man, Sir David Attenborough, who is a total hero in our family (and I suspect many millions of families around the world!). The Smalls are big fans and love watching all of his programmes. In fact, BigSmall recently wrote to him to ask him round for tea. And he got a handwritten reply back (politely declining!).
The man is a total legend.

Hubby managed to get hold of two tickets for the opening night of the Radio Times Festival, and this event where Kirsty Young was in conversation with David Attenborough.
And it was such a brilliant evening.

The stage is set!

The stage is set!

I genuinely cannot think of enough superlatives to describe this man, and I make no apologies for gushing!
If you were just listening to him speak, you would never guess that he was 89. He spoke so eloquently, and with such humour and passion, and warmth. And for someone who has had such a phenomenal career, he was so down to earth, and self deprecating, and generally awesome.

At the start of the evening, a short film was played, with some clips of some of the amazing films he has made, and a voice over from David (it feels very wrong referring to him as David…)  reading some of the the words to Loius Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.
And while it was on, I was struck by this overwhelming sadness, verging on despair, that my kids might only ever see these amazing wonders of the world, on the TV.
By the time they are grown up, if we continue on the course we are on, many of these species will be extinct.
It will not be such a wonderful world.

Climate change came up several times during the evening, and David emphasised the importance of keeping the carbon in the ground.
He said the developed world should be investing heavily in renewables, so that they become cheaper than fossil fuels, and we stop pumping carbon into the atmosphere.
He talked briefly about the Global Apollo Program, who are developing a road map to 100% renewable energy, and who will be present at the Paris Climate talks later this year. I hadn’t heard of this project before, but it gives me some hope.
I just so desperately hope that the governments of the world listen.

At the end of the session there was a short Q&A, and the question of climate change came up again.
One thing that David said really resonated:

“We all have a duty not to waste.
To not use more energy than we need.
To not drive around in bigger cars than we need.
To not leave the lights on.”

And that’s something that we can all do.
We can’t all be attending the Paris Climate talks.
And sometimes, when the governments of the world seem to refuse to listen to someone as well respected as Sir David Attenborough, it can be hard to think that there is anything that we can do ourselves.
I know I feel totally overwhelmed at times.

But this, not wasting, this I can do.
This we can all do.

There is still time to act.
But act we must.
Yes, the governments, and the big businesses need to act, but we play our part too.
Each and every one of us, must act, and take responsibility for our actions, if we are to save this Wonderful World.



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