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Food Waste Round Up

Inspired by the prospect of the new 2 part series from Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall, Hugh’s War on Waste starting this evening, all about food waste, I’ve done a quick round up of all the food waste posts I’ve done on here over the last few years:

  • Turn leftovers into a whole new meal, by using eggs to make frittatas and omlettes.
  • Fridge soup
    Slightly limp veg can make surprisingly good soup
  • Risotto also makes a good vehicle for leftovers-add meat left from the roast, or roast some veg and add that in
  • And you can do exactly the same thing with Quiche too
  • Make your pastry rough puff, and you can make Bestover Pasties!
  • And if you have any leftover risotto, from your leftover risotto (!), you can turn it into this delicious baked rice recipe
  • Two ways to use up leftover mashed potato-these potato pancakes, and also potato gnocchi
  • One of my favourites is dead bread pudding. There’s a savoury and a sweet version…
  • If it’s not too early for the ‘C’ word, then here are some ideas for festive leftovers
  • And you can even make something from your veg peelings, by storing them in the freezer, and then making slow cooker veg stock
  • Lots of ideas for Pudding here, including one of my favourite Nigella recipes for Chocolate banana muffins
    You can even make stale cake into something more lovely..!
  • And if in doubt, fry up sliced fruit in butter and sugar and smother it in custard (saving the whites to make meringues, obvs)

If the programme, and any of the above have inspired you to ‘do your bit’, you can get some more great tips from the War on Waste website here, and sign Hugh’s pledge to help fight food waste.

The Love Food Hate Waste website is also a fabulous resource for inspiration for your slightly limp veg, or excess roast chicken.

I’d love to here your favourite recipes for making the most of every last scrap-do share!

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