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#makedoandmendhour Food Waste Round Up

Our weekly #makedoandmendhour has ‘been on a break’ for a couple of weeks, but re-started again last night (every Thursday 8-9pm, come and join us!).
Over the break, I’ve been giving some thought to how to reinvigorate it, and hopefully reach out to some new people.
The basic idea is that we all share ideas and photos of things that we’ve made, it’s a space we can ask for help or advice about any aspect of Making Do and Mending, and generally to ‘make some noise’ about Making Do and Mending, rather than buying new.

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I’m trialling a weekly theme, and given the huge response on Twitter to Hugh’s War on Waste on BBC1 on Monday evening, I food waste would be a good place to start. The #makedoandmendhour are a super thrifty inventive lot, and I knew that they would have some brilliant ideas to share for how to use up every last scrap, and make sure nothing goes to waste.
Here’s a round up of some of the great ideas and recipes:

  • @vickymcreations makes paella from leftover chicken, homemade chicken stock, paella rice, and some veg
  • Tomoto sauce for pasta can accomodate many different veg, especially when grated in, and it’s all whizzed together
  • Omlettes are another great ‘vehicle’ for leftovers, as are quiches-@brifrischu has fond memories of her mum’s quiches filled with all kinds of leftovers!
  • @meg_e_r makes pasties out of leftover roast dinner-this is one of our faves too!
  • soup is super versatile, and a great way to use up veg that might be slightly past it’s best.
    You can also make a big batch and then freeze in individual lunches for packed lunches.
  • @Anouskchic confessed to sometimes throwing out stale bread.
    If you find yourself doing the same sometimes, here’s a post I wrote for the Mirror with 5 ways to use it up!
  • @charlotteclark flagged up a petition on 38degrees to get supermarkets to relax their rules on ‘perfect’ veg. If you want to sign, you can find it here.
    If you’re in to signing things, you can also sign Hugh FW’s pledge, to show support for his War on Waste.
  • Savoury rice can be adapted to suit whatever needs using up-bacon, leeks, onions etc etc.
  • Making substitutions to recipes to use what you have is a great tip from @SueArcher6, eg spring onions/leeks instead of onion etc.
  • Leftover dhal can be added to chapatis, bread and soup
  • We have 3 beetroot languishing in the fridge awaiting inspiration so I was pleased when @meg_e_r shared her ideas for using them up: roast it, pickle it, make soup, cook and grate into chocolate cake or brownies (try this recipe here)
  • Remember your freezer! You can freeze milk and grated cheese, bread, and even ginger-we once got a kg delivered to us inadvertently as part of an online shop, and we’re still working our way through it. We just grate it straight from frozen.
    You can also freeze veg peelings until you have enough to make veg stock.

Veg stock1

Next week’s theme is textile waste, squeezing in another week of ‘normality’ before embarking on all kinds of Make Do and Mend Christmas themes in the run up to the festivities!
Do come and join us, Thursdays 8-9pm on Twitter. I’m @makeandmendyear, or search for the #makedoandmendhour hashtag to find all the tweets 🙂

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    I love roasted beetroot – very scrummy:)

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      I love it too! Just can’t persuade the kids….

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