#makedoandmendhour Textile Waste Round Up

Last week, our weekly Thursday evening #makedoandmendhour Twitter chat was all about textile waste, and how to avoid it.
After it was revealed in Hugh’s War on Waste that we throw away 10,000 garments every 10 MINUTES, we shared ideas and tips on how to repair, re-use or refashion our textiles, and make sure that none of them end up in landfill.

  • Use worn out socks to make new cuffs for sweatshirts
  • Recycle old clothes as cushion filling, and donate old towels to animal rescue centres
  • Visible repairs can enhance textiles so keep off cuts and favourite old textiles for repairs
  • Speaking of visible repairs, here are some great ones from @IsWasCottage
    Visible mending 2
    Visible mending1
    Visible mend
    And here from @lifecyclista
    Ladybird patches
  • If you have any large bits of fabric like old curtains, sheets etc, you can turn them into morsbags to give away
  • We talked about furoshiki as an alternative gift wrapping
  • If you have jeans that are no longer wearable, how about having a go at this amazing quilt? @vickymcreations has a great tutorial for how to make one here
    Denim Quilt
  • Lots of old fabrics can be useful as dusters, polishing cloths etc
  • This brilliant advent calendar from @minibeastgirl makes great use of fabric scraps
    Advent Calendar
  • I like patching the knees of my 5 year old’s jeans with pockets off the jeans he’s outgrown.
  • This patch from @Vickymcreations is a work of art-I love it!
    Vicky PatchAnd there’s some more great denim patching here from @IsWasCottage
    Denim patch3

Denim patch2

  • Tip from MiL: Use back of old jeans legs to replace/cover worn out fronts of other jeans so don’t show as patching
  • Mr B is sporting shop bought lambswool ones that go into holes by the ankle – darned with rainbow wool!
    Sock darning@SusiB348
  • It’s also possible to darn shop bought ‘normal’ socks using a finer cotton @jhwilts
  • @PracticalLou has cleverly adapted her existing jacket with a panel to accomodate her bump!
    Maternity jacket
  • If fav clothing too far gone to save, use to make template/pattern before recycling. and then remake it
    (If you want some instruction as to how to do this, the wonderful Franki Campbell shows us how in the Back to Basics e-book)
  • @vickymcreations has a whole Pinterest board dedicated to using up scraps of fabric!
  • We used an old kingsize duvet to make a door curtain for The Make It Shop’s back door
  • Even rags go to the charity shop-they are normally sorted and sold on, or they can be used in car upholstery or commercial cleaning cloths

And if you need more inspiration, here’s a post with more textile re-use resources.

Next week we’re starting to turn out thoughts to Christmas, and the theme is Homemade Presents. You get bonus points for upcycling!
Do come and join us 8-9pm Thursday evening on Twitter. I’m @makeandmendyear, or search for the #makedoandmendhour hashtag 🙂

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