365 Ways to Change the World-Numbers 8-14

The round up post of the first week of the #365WaystoChangetheWorld seemed to go down pretty well, so I’m carrying on with weekly round ups for now!
Here goes for this week:


8-14 Collage

8. If you use real butter in foil packs, did you know you can separate the foil from the paper and then recycle both?!
Soak the butter paper in water (I normally bung it in the washing up bowl after washing up) for a few hours, or overnight, and then you should be able to peel the foil away from the paper. You get extra points and a hugely smug feeling if you manage to peel the foil off on one one piece

9. Love your slow cooker!
I’ve just put a pork shoulder in ours to make BBQ pulled pork for tea
At this time of year they are fabulous for warming hearty casseroles and stews, and you can also make a delicious ‘roast’ chicken in there too.
Slow cookers cost 1-2p an hour to run compared with about 30p an hour for a conventional cooker, so you get to save money and cut back on energy use all at the same time (and stuff your face with BBQ pulled pork)
Happy Days! 

10. Another easy one-grab yourself a reusable mug for when you’re out and about and NEED a cuppa!
I’m always seeing them in charity shops so they’re easy to get hold of. The little orange one is a super clever collapsible ‘Stojo‘ that is easy to keep in your bag without taking up too much room! Lovely hubby got me this one when he helped fund their crowdfunder 

11. Wash at 30C!
This is such an easy one-we wash everything at 30 except the odd hot wash of the towels and bed sheets (I wait for a sunny day so the solar panels are doing their thing!)
By the way, I went to take this picture and then got washing machine shame at the state of the front of the washing machine-had to give it a quick wipe over before it could make it’s internet debut..! Am now thinking maybe I should start to photograph more of my house and that way it all might end up a bit cleaner

12. Grab a blanket!
It’s (finally) starting to feel chilly so leave the thermostat where it is and enjoy the excuse to snuggle up under your favourite blanket with a cuppa, and in my case, make some progress on that other blanket I totally meant to finish before the Winter…

13. Buy Preloved!
I love the excuse to rummage around charity shops and vintage fairs, and I never know what little beauty I might find.
We spent a whole year buying nothing new, and it was awesome! It totally changed me, how I live my life and how I see my place in the world.
Bizarrely though I’ve never blogged about why refusing new stuff has become so important to me, and why I think we should all do more of it. I’ve remedied that now, and it’s all laid out bare right here.

14. Explore your local charity shops/thrift stores!
I live in a small town but we have at least 6 or 7 charity shops, and I have a little route around town that takes in every one. 
I’m always amazed at the variety and quality of the things I find, and haven’t bought clothes from anywhere else for over 3yrs now.
I also love browsing got fabric, yarn and haberdashery items-next time you need something for a project, be sure to check out your local charity shop 

365 8-14 P

Last week I wrote about the possibility of inviting some ‘eco heroes’ to guest post and contribute their top ideas to Change the World, and I’ve been scribbling down a list and firing off e-mails ever since!
I’m really pleased that the first guest post is up today-hurray! I’m going to be a total tease and not share who it is, or what the tip is today, but you can find it on social media (details below).
Please do let me know who your eco-heroes are, and whose tips you would love to hear. Leave a comment below, or on social media, and I’ll don my big girl pants and ask them if they want to join in!

If you want to keep up with on a daily basis, you can search for the #365WaystoChangetheWorld hashtag on:
Instagram (@makedoandmendlife)
Twitter (@makeandmendyear)

It’s looking a busy Make Do and Mend weekend, and there’s lots of repair and re-use events going on this weekend around the UK-you can check them all out in the What’s On Guide in the January newsletter.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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