365 Ways to Change the World-Numbers 15-21

Here’s the weekly round up for week 3 of my #365WaystoChangetheWorld (I’m posting a tip a day to social media of tiny steps we can all take to change the world-you can follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!)

There was much excitement this week (from me anyway!) to have the very first ‘guest post’ of the year-Chris from Edinburgh Tool Library, the UK’s first ever Tool Library, very kindly stepped up and ‘volunteered’ his picture and top tip:


16-21 collage numbered

15.  This inaugural guest post is from Chris at The Edinburgh Tool Library (AMAZING project-check it out!)
“There’s no such thing as waste wood. This is a picture of stuff from around my house that has been made from wood left by the bins. A record box made out of the base of a cupboard, a coffee table, bits of pallet and split logs, a wine rack made from an old pallet, and a bookcase made from random bits of timber and more split logs. Total cost of timber = zero”
Love this, thanks so much Chris!

16. Clean Green for 2016!
Ditch all the chemicals that build up in your home and in the environment and get back to basics.
This is my new cleaning kit that I’m trying out: Citrus vinegar; a homemade cleaning spray; bicarbonate of soda; and elbow grease!
I’m really impressed so far, and for someone who has something of a dislike for cleaning, this somehow makes it more satisfying ????
I’ll be blogging some of my new favourite recipes once I’ve done a bit more experimenting!

17. Only boil the water you need!
If you’re feeling especially anal you can use a mug to measure the correct amount of water into the kettle ????
And for double Eco points, you can boil a full kettle and decant what you don’t use into a thermos to keep hot for later. We did a *very* scientific experiment (the kids wore safety specs…) with an energy monitor last year and it takes less energy to boil the water for 4 mugs of tea in one go, rather than in 4 lots of one throughout the day.

18. Visit your local library!
I totally love ours and whoever is the buyer there does a great job of keeping up to date with all the latest craft and recipe releases.
They are a great resource if you’re looking to learn a new skill, and fabulous for whiling away an hour with the kids!

19. Vinegar is your friend!
This is my latest batch of citrus vinegar – simply half fill a glass jar with vinegar, and then add in any orange and lemon peel and squeezed out halves. When your jar is full, decant and use!
We use vinegar for all sorts: in place of fabric conditioner in the washing machine; as rinse aid in the dishwasher; for general cleaning (it’s brilliant on soap scum) and I use it rinse my hair after washing it with my homemade shampoo bar (blog post to come!)

20. Buy free range eggs.
It’s kind of a no brainer this one.
It might not change the world but it would certainly change the world for all the chickens out there if we all cast our vote for free range when we do our shopping.

21. Save water by taking a shower instead of a bath.
And you get bonus points for installing a shower head that aerates the water so you use even less! We did another incredibly accurate scientific experiment at home when we got our new “Pulse Eco” shower head, to test it’s claims that it uses up to 50% less water. Our panel of independent adjudicators (my kids) concluded that it did indeed! And with no discernible drop in water pressure either. It’s fabulous water pressure either. It’s fabulous!

365 15-21 P
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