#365 Ways to Change the World-Number 22-28

My Goodness, it’s Week 4 already (only another 48 to go…!) of 365 Ways to Change the World-posting one tip a day to social media for easy tiny changes we can all make everyday to change the world. (You can follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!)
Here goes with numbers 22-28:


23-28 numbered

22. The second of the series of guest posts is No. 22, from Zoe at Eco Thrifty Living, who shows us all how we can save money whilst living an Eco friendly lifestyle!
“Before spending money on anything, as is it Eco and Thrifty?”
Thanks Zoe! Loving this bath/veg bed-fabulous idea!

23. If you have two things that need cooking on the hob, remember to use a steamer and use half the energy ????

24. Give edible gifts!
They are far less likely to end up in landfill than ‘stuff’.
Homemade biscuits and fudge make brilliant presents (and you get to make yourself some at the same time ????)

25. Switch from sponges back to good old flannels.
Many sponges are not only made from plastic derivatives, but come wrapped in plastic too. Simple cotton flannels do the same job, and can be washed and re-used until they start to fall apart. At which point they can be chucked onto the compost heap to degrade back into soil.
For extra Eco points, you can make your own! I’m experimenting with some granny square cotton flannels, but if you can’t knit or crochet, you can still make your own by simply cutting up old towels (hemming optional!)

26. Love your leftovers!
Making gnocchi tonight from some leftover mashed potato: mix 500g mashed potato with 150g plain flour and season to taste. Knead for a minute or two and then cut the ball into smaller pieces. Roll each piece into a long ‘snake’ (evoking happy play dough memories) and then chop each snake into bite sized pieces. When you’re ready to eat, bring a pan of water to the boil, and drop the gnocchi in in batches. It’s ready when it floats to the top, scoop it out and serve with something yummy like pesto with a liberal dousing of Parmesan ????

27. Energy saving tip for cooking pasta and rice!
Add the pasta/rice to the pan and then add COLD water. Bring to the boil, turn off the heat and cover with a lid. The residual heat will cook the pasta without needing anymore energy!
I’ve tried this and it really does work-it just takes a few extra minutes, so factor this into your cooking timings ????

28. Never ever ever throw away a banana!
Over ripe bananas are perfect for all manner of cakes, smoothies and other delights. I’m going to have a go atJack Monroe’s Sticky Salted Banana Loaf Cake with these beauties, and there’s a link here for 10 other delicious banana recipes ????
Failing all else, you can freeze them to use up another day when you have more time, so no excuses!

365 22-28 P

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